Art Deco Diamond Platinum Ring with Natural Pearl GIA Estate


An elegant Art Deco platinum ring with a natural saltwater pearl and diamond accents. The pearl comes with a GIA Pearl Report.

This platinum ring has classic Art Deco jewelry features. The platinum shank is engraved, and the gallery has filigree design. The ring carries great proportions topped with the round pearl which size is perfect for the piece. The pinkish orange pearl color adds a dramatic accent to this gorgeous estate jewelry piece.

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    Pearl jewelry

    Pearls have a special place in jewelry design. These organic gems have always been associated with a classy, refined style. Today wearing pearls means having a great taste and ability to see its beauty.

    Saltwater pearl jewelry uses pearls produced by a saltwater mollusk. It can produce one pearl at a time, while freshwater oysters are able to make up to 30 pearls at once. That fact plus a lustrous appearance along with a more uniformed rounder shape make this type of pearls more expensive comparing to freshwater. The most popular saltwater pearls are Akoya, Tahitian and  South Sea Pearls.

    Freshwater pearls are very durable as they have a thicker nacre comparing to their saline living relatives. This type of pearl can be white, pink and even peach color.

    From a formal event through a glamorous cocktail night to a day at work, pearls can be your jewels of choice every time you need to amp up your style.


    Art Deco Style

    Art Deco jewelry has remained highly appreciated since its appearance in 1920s — the time also knows as Jazz Age. The style continuously remains popular until today. What’s the secret of the Art Deco success?

    First comes the design itself. Neat geometrical shapes embodied in platinum makes a refined jewelry piece look very appealing. Simple yet powerful, straight lines along with precise workmanship create a striking impression. Add to that a pear or marquise cut gemstone and you won’t be able to forget that perfect Art Deco piece.

    Platinum, being the most popular material during Art Deco era, also contributed to the period jewelry popularity. At that time the Merensky-Riff, the world’s largest platinum deposit, was discovered in South Africa. And platinum’s title as the main Art Deco metal was fully established.

    Vintage Art Deco engagement rings are always in high demand. They have a perfectly balanced geometry and often feature Old European or cushion cut diamonds and sometimes pearls. Black and white combos, such as diamond and black onyx or black enamel create a dramatic effect.

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