Art Deco Platinum Bangle Bracelet French, A Set of Two


A perfect pair of the Art Deco platinum bangle bracelets, featuring diamond, black onyx and ruby. It is neat, slender design and terrific workmanship that make these platinum bracelets a great find for the Art Deco lovers. These Art Deco bracelets are especially chic because of the bright, clean gemstones. A complementary combo of vivid red, black and white is simply striking. The platinum sides of the bangles are tastefully engraved with a scroll-like design.

We offer these Art Deco bangle bracelets as a set, yet we might consider selling them separately.

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    Art Deco jewelry has remained highly appreciated since its appearance in 1920s — the time also knows as Jazz Age. The style continuously remains popular until today. What’s the secret of the Art Deco success?

    First comes the design itself. Neat geometrical shapes embodied in platinum makes a refined jewelry piece look very appealing. Simple yet powerful, straight lines along with precise workmanship create a striking impression. Add to that a pear or marquise cut gemstone and you won’t be able to forget that perfect Art Deco piece.

    Platinum, being the most popular material during Art Deco era, also contributed to the period jewelry popularity. At that time the Merensky-Riff, the world’s largest platinum deposit, was discovered in South Africa. And platinum’s title as the main Art Deco metal was fully established.

    Vintage Art Deco engagement rings are always in high demand. They have a perfectly balanced geometry and often feature Old European and cushion cut diamonds. Black and white combos, such as diamond and black onyx or black enamel create a dramatic effect.

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