Vintage Chaumet Necklace 18k Gold Diamond Choker Collar


A vintage Chaumet necklace made of 18 karat yellow gold featuring diamonds.

This 18k gold Chaumet necklace carries an irresistible charm of vintage French jewelry. The color of gold and the meticulously crafted floral design features immediately take you to the different era.

This choker necklace consists of the tiny swirls of diamonds and gold. The central part has three prong-set diamond links alternating with the five prong and channel set diamond links. Closer towards the ends the three prong-set diamonds alternate with the glossy gold swirls.

This gold collar necklace by Chaumet is a spectacular piece made with a great French taste and a sense of style.

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Chaumet, Paris
18 karat Yellow Gold
Diamond round brilliant cut F-G/VS, 13.50 carats total
57.8 grams
16" x ¼” (40.5 x 0.8 cm)
Chaumet maker's mark and workshop mark, serial number, place of manufacture, French hallmark for 18 karat gold
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    About the brand:

    Being the first jeweler to arrive on now famous Place Vendôme in 1812, Chaumet jewelry has been staying an expression of traditional Parisian style ever since.

    Chaumet pieces has long been a favorite with the French aristocrats. In 19th century,  Joséphine Bonaparte, the Empress of the French and the first wife of Emperor Napoleon, was one of the brand’s famous clients and appreciators.

    Fast forward two centuries, Chaumet style is based on exploration of all things of nature. The brand itself calls it “naturalist jewelry”. The Maison’s designers use symbolism of plants, opulence of gardens and delicacy of grass to permeate Chaumet jewelry creations with the energy of the wild nature.

    In the modern world, the most popular Chaumet collections are the Liens, the Bee My Love and the Josephine.

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    About Vintage French Jewelry:

    Vintage French jewelry is highly valued by jewelry experts and enthusiasts.

    Since the late Renaissance, France has been established itself as one of the world trendsetters in art and fashion. A quick look at the top 5 French jewelry designers — Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermes, Chaumet, Chanel — describes French level of greatness even better.

    What allowed France to reach such a high level in the jewelry world hierarchy? In a nutshell, it’s because of the apprenticeship system. In the beginning of 1950s in France anyone at the age 14 could start learning the craft. This way French jewelers, like no others in the world, gain a substantial portion of experience at the early age. Even non-designer jewels were produced by the high skilled masters.

    Most modern jewelry is not handcrafted anymore, and mass market-oriented production is prevailing. Jewelry designs are streamlined to use as less hand labor as possible. That’s why today vintage French jewelry is in such high demand.

    Nadine Krakov Collection offers the most desirable French vintage jewelry  online made by the French experts.

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