Vintage Gucci Cufflinks Gold Onyx


18k gold
11.2 grams
1" x 3/4"
Gucci maker's mark, a hallmark for 18k gold, a serial number and a country of origin (Italy)

Stylish vintage Gucci cufflinks, made of 18k gold and onyx.
These are classic cufflinks with a twist. The gold wire wrapped around the onyx part provides sharp and sophisticated look. The gold has a great patina adding classy charm to the piece.
This Gucci gold cufflinks are fully marked and numbered.

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    About the brand

    Being one of the oldest Italian fashion brands, Gucci is still able to create the most desirable and edgy styles.
    Today the “double G” logo and two green stripes with a single red bar that came from 1950s are the well-known symbols of the extravagant Gucci style.
    During its long life Gucci brand had many ups and downs. But despites all the setbacks, it has always stayed relevant to the audience expectations.

    In 2017 Gucci achieved their record sales and until nowadays the company keeps their numbers high. Another sign of client’s appreciation is that brand’s iconic items, such as Gucci belt, Gucci bucket hat or Gucci sneakers have been in high demand since the moment of introduction.
     Shop here our selection of the iconic Gucci items.

    About cufflinks

    Cufflinks were introduced in 17th century in England. Prior to that, shirt cuffs were held together by ties, ribbons and strings. Fashion changed, and stitched buttonholes were developed. To fasten the cuffs, tailors used ornamental buttons with an attached chain. These buttons became popular with the upper classes. Jewelers started to make gold and silver buttons with gemstones and other adornments. This is how cufflinks were invented.

    A mass production of cufflinks began in the 19th century. Following the Victorian era fashion standards, they design was opulent, with such embellishments as gemstones and extravagant details.

    Cufflinks popularity diminished a century after, due to a new design of the shirt cuffs. They came with attached buttons, and there was no need to use cufflinks. But later the French cuff made its way to the market, and cufflinks went back to fashion.

    Today, comparing to their predecessor they are rather practical and easy to wear.
    Gold cufflinks and gemstone cufflinks have been a symbol of wealth and reputation. It’s a popular gift for a groom or a graduated student. Women’s cufflinks are broadly worn as stylish accessories as well. The most popular jewelry designers keep making them today for different occasions and styles.


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