Paloma Picasso Diamond Dot Earrings


Elsa Peretti
18k gold, platinum
10.4 grams
1.5" L x 0.5" W
Maker's marks, hallmarks for 18k gold and platinum

A pair of unusual drop earrings by Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co.
The Paloma Picasso earrings crafted of 18k gold and platinum and feature diamonds.

The earrings consist of gold dots and diamonds that are bezel set in platinum. Each of the dots is connected to a diamond by a tiny platinum wire. The diamonds are staged in the center of the earring.

These earrings are beautifully made with the Tiffany & Co. signature quality. Being flat and light weight, they perfectly sit in an ear lobe. It’s a great piece that works well for a night out or to make your daily look dressier.

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    About Paloma Picasso brand

    “Art was a language spoken around me all the time when I was growing up”. Being a child of two artists, Paloma Picasso fully expressed her creativity in jewelry making.
    Paloma Picasso’s talent was thriving in 1980s. She was just right on time with her direction and artistic energy. She came fresh from Paris to New York and started to work for Tiffany & Co. She immediately grasped the aesthetics of the New York street art. She used it as a visionary filter for her “Graffiti” collection in 1983. She also named museum visits and music concerts among her other inspiring things.
    Paloma Picasso jewelry is famous for her colored stone designs. Her favorite rocks were big cabochon cut: blue topaz, tourmaline, amethyst. She expresses her gemstone admiration in Paloma’s Sugar Stacks collection and the most recent Paloma’s Studio collection. She found the way to showcase a semiprecious stone as an important diamond: big and bold. Her approach to jewelry making was refreshing and is still ahead of time.

    About estate jewelry

    Buying jewelry online can be challenging. The quality of the making has not got better over the time while the design is getting more and more generic. Add ever rising prices and you could end up with not finding anything suitable. To purchase a high-quality jewelry piece for an obtainable price consider buying estate items.

    • Quality vs Quantity

    Estate pieces mostly belong to the era when jewels were handmade and not mass produced. There were simply less jewelry makers at that time and they cared about their reputation. Opposed to the current fast fashion approach, life pace was in general slower. That allowed makers to take more time to craft a truly quality piece.

    • Fair price vs Overpriced

    Designer pieces aka signed pieces can cost multiple times more than their unsigned equivalents. We pay not only for an item itself but also for the brand advertising campaigns and all the buzz the name is creating. Prices for estate jewelry form differently and mostly depend on the cost paid by a seller. A pre-owned Bulgari ring and a brand-new Bulgari piece have a significant price difference. Ask your local jewelry store about a retail price of the desired piece and you’d be pleasantly surprised.

    • True value vs Seasonal rush

    Pre-owned jewelry retains its value. Over the time it gets rare and more expensive. Think purchasing a new car that loses its value right after you left your dealer versus buying a vintage vehicle.

    At Nadine Krakov Collection we love all the things beauty and high-quality. Each of our estate jewelry piece is in excellent condition. We preserve the history and the greatest styles of the past so our clients can enjoy it at the fullest.