Hermes Suede Jacket Vintage Blue, Size Small


A gorgeous Hermes suede jacket with a cropped sophisticated silhouette and 3/4 sleeves.

Its a must-have piece to underline your refined taste and to add a splash of a deep color to your wardrobe.

This vintage Hermes jacket has a double-breasted cut and round standing leather trimmed collar. A perfect timeless garment for the warmer spring days and chilly summer nights.

Length: 18.5 in. (46.99 cm)
Bust: 36 in. (91.44 cm)
Waist: 31 in. (78.74 cm)
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    About the brand

    In a fashion world Hermès is an outpost of history, traditions and a perfect taste.

    In 1929 Hermes clothing emerged as a new project of the leather goods maker. Within two centuries Hermès brand established itself as the most reputable in the fashion industry. The Hermes bags status is no less then iconic. Rare Hermes scarves are collectable similar to art pieces.

    Vintage Hermes pieces retain its value over the time and are a subject to pursue for the experts. At Nadine Krakov Collection weve got you covered with a number of Hermes items  along with the other vintage designer clothing brands .