Christian Dior Denim Pants Grey, Size 10


Christian Dior denim pants in light grey are your go-to pants when you want to look classy but not overdressed.

The pants are equipped side slits to spiced up your look and make walking more comfortable. The flared cut along with the elongated length is perfect for your favorite platform shoes.

Features a belt with an oversized buckle.


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    About the brand

    Since 1946, Christian Dior fashion house has been represented the essence of the French fashion around the globe.

    When we think Dior, we think classic over anything else. But don’t take the word “classic” as a synonym of something mediocre. Dior brand identity is based on luxury, ingenuity and prestige. Those characteristics are accompanied by the innovative thinking, non-stop exploring and offering to the world the latest updates from the fashion industry.

    Today the House of Dior is still among one of the most admired fashion brands. Dior knows how to translate the brand’s great creative heritage into a modern digitized world while staying feminine, elegantand refined.

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