Goyard Burgundy Anjou Mini Bag


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    About the brand

    A status symbol embodied in a bag is a definition of Goyard totes. In 200 years of existence the brand has not been running a single advertising campaign. The company deliberately keeps it quiet and this approach works: Goyard bags sell very fast, and even the secondary market prices are insignificantly lower than retail. Additionally, it’s not easy to spot Goyardpurse price online because the company doesn’t disclose it on the web site. The brand’s items are not available to mass market. All those efforts create  a sense of exclusivity which makes the bags even more desirable.

    Goyard interlocking chevron pattern was established in 1892. Prior to making luggage, the family business was lumber. The elements of the canvas pattern – miniature sticks – are the stylized symbols of logs.  

    Goyard bag is not just tony but also practical. It holds up well even while being used daily. It’s a tote, after all – so you can treat accordingly.