Michael Dawkins Gold Choker Chain Necklace, 14k


A Michael Dawkins 14k gold chain necklace, with two rows box link and barrel shaped granulated parts.

Its a modern chain necklace with a vintage vibe that is reached by using gold with a nice aged hue. The great craftsmanship, similar to the old jewelrythat was made by hands, contributes to the cause.  

Equipped with a magnetic clasp stamped with Michael Dawkinssignature.

Michael Dawkins
14k Yellow Gold
35.2 grams
17” x 1/8”
Michael Dawkins, 585
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    About the brand

    Michael Dawkins is a contemporary jewelry designer. His distinctive style is rooted in architecture and industrial design.

    Dawkins discovered and applied the ancient technique of metal granulation. This element along with his non-stop exploring of the form of natural objects has become his signature style.

    Michael Dawkins jewelry carrying a subtle vintage feel that is uniquely translated into modern lines and motifs. He works with silver, gold and fuse it with different materials and textures. Michael Dawkins applies the most admired elements from the past to his creative vision that is progressive and aims to the future.

    Try to wear Michael Dawkins ring or Michael Dawkins necklace as a part of your sophisticated layering, and you will see how they organically fit in your style.