14K Yellow Gold

Vintage Chain Necklace Gold 14k


14K Yellow Gold
58.1 grams
Length: 19 inches, Width: 3/16 inches

A beautiful vintage chain necklace made of 14k gold nuggets with floral design. Elongated gold nugget elements are connected by tiny rings allowing the necklace sit on a neck nicely. The floral design adds a feminine twist to the piece.

This yellow gold necklace has a great texture and can be worn as solely as a part of your favorite layering. 

Find out more about how special gold nugget is below.

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    54About the brand:

    Irregular shape of gold nuggets comes straight from the nature. A nugget is a natural form of gold that was not melted and shaped after. How rare is that? Less then 2% of all gold can be find in a form of nugget. The rest comes as tiny flakes and microscopic dust. 

    Being lead by quantity of production, modern gold mining operations neglect the rarity of gold nuggets. They are being melted and used to produce jewelry, gold bars and bullion. That’s why you can consider your vintage nugget piece as a great find. 


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