Cartier Vintage Pin Brooch Clip Bird 14k Gold Enamel Jewelry


A lovely vintage Cartier 14k gold pin brooch clip. Designed as a little bird perched on a branch, this fun and stylish Cartier brooch was created in the 1950s. The body and tale are made of enamel. The tuft, beak, wings and the paw are made of yellow gold. This vintage bird clip features diamond accent eyes.

Bird brooches were extremely popular during and after World War II. They represented liberation, hope and freedom. Cartier made a great number of gold bird pin brooches. Their design varied from the minimalistic bird silhouettes to the ornate detailed pieces with mounted gemstones.

This Cartier Bird brooch never went to mass-production and is rare to find.

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    One of the famous bird brooches by Cartier, modeled as a caged bird, was created in 1942 by Jeanne Toussaint. That design represented France being under the fascist occupation. After the World War II the brooch was redesigned into a bird about to fly from the open cage.

    Timeless Excellence is Cartier’s second name. The quality standards of the Cartier jewelry were set in 1902 by King George VII. After making 27 tiaras for the coronation, Cartier was announced as the crown’s official jewels seller. Since then, Cartier was proclaimed as “king of jewelry the jeweler of kings.” And this statement is still up to date.

    Comparing to other famous luxury jewelry brands, such as  Van Cleef & Arpels or  Tiffany & Co. who are working with gemstones a lot, Cartier is strictly focusing on diamonds and different color gold.

    Over the time Cartier created a great number of the truly iconic pieces. From a classic Cartier Love bracelet to famous Cartier Panther collection and Cartier Trinity, without mentioning a wide variety of Cartier watches — you name it! But our hearts belong to vintage Cartier jewelry . We appreciate the uniqueness and craftsmanship of our estate pieces. Each of them has a timeless character and tells the most fascinating stories.