Buccellati Gold Cocktail Ring Amethyst


Mario Buccellati
18K Yellow Gold
Approx. 20 cts Siberian Amethyst
23.6 grams
Length: 1”, Width: 11/16”, Hight: 7/16”
M. Buccellati, 750

A stunning Buccellati cocktail ring, made go 18k gold, featuring amethyst.

The amethysts carat weight is about 20 carats. Its a great quality gemstone, possibly of Siberian origin. Siberian amethysts are rare and valued for its characteristics.

The gold ring is crafted in a distinct Buccellati style, with a lacy gallery and an impressive gemstone. The amethyst set in 12 prongs setting. To secure the stone this big, the prongs were enforced by the intertwined elements of the gallery.

The ring has a perfect balance between its bold, chunky look and the airy design on the sides.

This gold Buccellati ring is a show stopper and a conversation starter.

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    About the brand

    Mario Buccellati (1891-1965) established the first brands store in Milan in 1919. He was titled the Prince of Goldsmithsby poet Gabriele DAnnunzio because of an extraordinary ability to turn gold and silver into luxury art objects. This ability through the years has been the core of Buccellatis style.

    Buccellati design is highly recognizable due to multiple engraving and piercing techniques applied to the pieces. Texture of gold recreating the look of Venetian lace, linen and tulle created by handmade Italian techniques inherited through generations.

    The world of flora and fauna is a big source of inspiration for creating famous Buccellati brooches. Weightless Buccellati butterfly brooch, intricate flowers or powerful birds all those pieces are highly sought-after because of the creativity and impeccable quality. All the materials being used by the brand meet the quality standards of the high-end jewelry making.

    Buccellati cuff bracelets exemplify the brands signature style. Many of those are made using the rigatotechnique. It requires cutting multiple parallel lines onto the metal surface allowing to create that unique engraved finish.

    Find our selection of Buccellati estate jewelry online here or stop by our store to see our Buccellati pieces in person.

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