Chaumet Gold Band Ring



A vintage Chaumet band ring, made of 18k gold.

This Chaumet ring has a sleek minimalistic look and slightly domed shape. The “Chaumetwritten stamp is sitting on the rib of the ring.

Matte gold finish adds a vintage feel to the ring. Because of its subtle appearance, this gold ring goes well with any ring stack.

Charmer, Paris
18k Yellow Gold
10.9 grams
Chaumet, 1120232- Au 750, French Eagle Head Mark & Maker’s Mark
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    About the brand

    Being the first jeweler to arrive on now famous Place Vendôme in 1812, Chaumet jewelry has been staying an expression of traditional Parisian style ever since.

    Chaumet pieces has long been a favorite with the French aristocrats. In 19th century, Joséphine Bonaparte , the Empress of the French and the first wife of Emperor Napoleon, was one of the brand’s famous clients and appreciators.

    Fast forward two centuries, Chaumet style is based on exploration of all things of nature. The brand itself calls it “naturalist jewelry”. The Maison’s designers use symbolism of plants, opulence of gardens and delicacy of grass to permeate Chaumet jewelry creations with the energy of the wild nature.

    In the modern world, the most popular Chaumet collections are the Liens, the Bee My Love and the Josephine.

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