Vhernier Pirouette Ring 18k Gold Estate Jewelry Italy


Being one of Vhernier’s first creations, Pirouette ring has become an identity of Vhernier style and philosophy. Sculptural Pirouette design, seamless look and exquisite goldsmith technique showcase brand’s inventiveness, courage and expertise.

Pirouette ring has domed, cut at an angle shape. It follows the shape of the fingers and looks as fluid as it feels. Minimalism enhanced to a degree of perfection makes this Vhernier ring truly extraordinary.

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    An inimitable blend of subtle nuances and strong lines brought Vhrenier brand to the top of the jewelry world. Its truly unique style is defined by seamless fluidity, flowing curves and superb quality of craftsmanship.

    As a company, Vhernier has been always striving to find new forms to express its innovative spirit. At the core of the brand’s philosophy is a progressive design approach that comes along with almost irrational devotion to perfection.

    Curves and shapes of Vhernier jewelry are highly recognizable and makes it stand out among others. Unlike the most global jewelry brands, Vhernier has been perfecting its classic creations over the decades, slowly adding new styles. Big, colorful stones are another brand’s signifiers. To blend the colors and shapes, Vhernier applies its uncanny craftsmanship techniques. Being created at the intersection of art and architecture, each Vhernier piece conveys a sense of futuristic magic.

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