Vintage Verdura Ring 18k Gold Citrine Italy Estate Jewelry


A stunning vintage 18k gold ring by Verdura featuring an emerald cut citrine. This bold scale ring is a head-turner and a conversation starter.

This textured gold cocktail ring centering an amazing emerald cut citrine with flush setting. The back of the ring is beautifully ornate with floral gold open work.

The gold texture and rich gold hue perfectly play it part in adding character to this extraordinary piece. The best part of it is a balance of a cocktail ring look and wearability. This Verdura 18k gold ring is sparky but not laud. It is as much appropriate for a party as it is for an informal business lunch.

18 karat Yellow Gold
Citrine Emerald cut 10-carat (13.43 x 11.81 x 9.17 mm)
35.0 grams
top measures ¾” x 7/8” x ½” (2 x 2.3 x 1.3 cm)
6; resizable
Verdura maker's mark, Italian hallmark, country of manufacture, hallmarks for 18 karat gold
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    Verdura jewelry never misses a chance to strike you with boldness, pure elegance and audacious style.

    Verdura jewelry is famous for its large stones and bold designs. If you are looking for a designer ring and your taste is a step away from mass production, then a ring by Verdura is your choice.

    Each Verdura jewel is telling the story of perfection and creativity. But the very first story of the brand’s recognition started with Verdura Maltese cross.

    Coco Chanel met Fulco Santostefano – the future Duke of Verdura – in 1927, and it was a match made in heaven. Chanel hired Fulco as a textile designer and later appointed him to redesign her vast jewelry collection. Among multiple pieces there was a Maltese Cross that was rumored as given to Chanel by Russian Grand Duke Dmitri. Another possible source of inspiration for the Maltese Cross idea was the Byzantine mosaic of Empress Theodora in the Basilica of San Vitale in Italy. The tiles of mosaic looked completely the opposite comparing the Art Deco style prevailing in jewelry design during that time. Being captivated by that image and recalling himself growing up close by the Island of Malta, Fulco came up with a white enamel irregular shape cuff generously garnished with the bright color gemstones. This look is still one of Verdura’s most recognizable designs.

    Verdura jewelry house design manages to marry brand’s whimsical taste with clean sophisticated shapes. Oversized cuffs, colored stone cocktail rings and beaded necklaces by Verdura are chic, classy and truly one of a kind.

    Shop our Verdura estate jewelry collection online or stop by Nadine Krakov Collection to see Verdura jewelry in Beverly Hills in person.


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