Show Yourself Some 2020 Love with a Piece from Our Collection!

Does it seem like you never really get what you want during the holidays?

It’s entirely possible that while your significant other (or family & friends) know your style and tastes well, they’re not so great at choosing that one perfect gift you’ll love for eternity.

And it’s a lot of pressure, really.

So why not, as they say, treat yo’self? We think 2020 should be the year you do. We can help!

Here are a few good reasons to give yourself what you really want this holiday season. And our one-of-a-kind baubles, period jewelry, and designer clothing & accessories may just be your perfect gift!

Show Yourself Some 2020 Love with a Piece from Our Collection!

Reason #1 to Treat Yo’Self: No Settling. Get Exactly What You Want

Don’t settle for a less-than-stellar gift that doesn’t excite you. This year, we say no more. Take matters into your own hands. Get exactly what you want without settling and without guilt. Gift yourself the perfect 2020 holiday gift and stop dreaming of getting it on a whim! It might just be in our vintage jewelry collection.

Reason #2 to Treat Yo’Self: You Deserve It After the Year You’ve Had

You’ve been through a lot this year. 2020 has been like no other year in history. And you survived. Celebrate that triumph with your pièce de résistance. It will forever be a symbol of the endurance you had to survive this year. Maybe it’s an art deco piece, a Victorian conversation starter, or a Cartier classic – give yourself permission to treat yourself. You deserve it after the year you’ve had.

Reason #3 to Treat Yo’Self: There’s Psychology To It, You’ll Be Happier this Holiday Season!

It’s scientifically proven that gift-giving stimulates the same neural pathways that create feelings of happiness and pleasure. Self-gifting does the same, especially when it’s done from a reward standpoint. Maybe you just wrapped up a big work project with bells on, achieved an education milestone you’ve been working toward, reorganized your home, snagged a new job. Or maybe, it’s just been way too long since you’ve treated yourself. There’s no time like the present to shower yourself with appreciation and a little sparkle.

Is it designer fashions you’re after? Or a dazzling heirloom brooch you’ll love now and pass down through the generations? Give yourself that perfect gift and show a little grace and self-love as we end this year.

Reason #4 to Treat Yo’Self: Enjoy Your Own Private, Safe Shopping Experience in Luxury

Ever had a personal shopper catering only to your needs when no one else was around? You do now. It’s us! In our new private, appointment-only location in a skyrocketing tower off Wilshire Blvd., it’s just you and our collection – for as long as you want. No other customers will be mulling around. This helps us ensure that your shopping experience remains safe and socially distanced at all times. Our new low-traffic, appointment only location also ensures that all of our hand-selected jewelry and apparel pieces stay sanitized at all times.

Make a day of it! Schedule your private shopping appointment with our consultants by calling 310-860-9991 and tell us a little bit about what you’re looking for. That way, we’ll be ready with our recommendations. From our hand-picked vintage, designer, and estate jewelry pieces to our high-end fashions & accessories – we’ll pull out all the stops. And we’ll offer you champagne or wine (or water!) while you peruse to your heart’s content! It’s really the only way to shop.

We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Gift – For Yourself or a Loved One!

Are you ready to look for the perfect gift? Whether you’re looking for a piece for yourself, a significant other, a relative, or a friend – we’d love to help you! Browse all of our carefully curated vintage, fine & estate jewelry pieces & designer clothing and accessories. You can also browse our collection of gifts under $1,000 for gifts on a budget. We offer multiple shipping options via USPS, FedEx, and UPS as well as free domestic expedited shipping!

To see our newest arrivals, follow our Instagram! And if you need a little more guidance, we’d love to chat with you to find your perfect signature piece. Call 310-860-9991 to chat with us about what you’re looking for!