Art Nouveau Bracelet Amethyst Enamel 14k Gold


Fantastic Art Nouveau bracelet created in the beginning of the 1900’s. Unique, beautifully colored and wearable, the bracelet is a great addition to your jewelry collection!

The bracelet is made of 14 karat yellow gold and features four elongated cabochon amethysts connected with hand-painted enamel links. The bracelet measures 7 x 1 inches (18 x 2.5 cm). Each amethyst measures 23 x 9 mm.

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    Art Nouveau jewelry is rooted in the Arts and Crafts Movement that implemented art in each aspect of the daily life. During late 1800s, that movement, together with Japonisme, influenced many artists and inspired them to create gorgeous and very special Art Nouveau jewelry pieces.

    To grasp the essence of Art Nouveau, take a look at the curvy lines of the Paris metro entrances or the artwork of Lalique. In visual art such names as Gustav Klimt and  Toulouse-Lautrec greatly represent the movement. Same flowing, moving lines and natural forms are the staples of the jewelry in Art Nouveau style. Pieces acquire mystical, mellow, and softened appearance. The shapes often have a very well pronounced decorative aspect that supports the artistic approach to the jewelry making.

    To compose the objects of nature and make it look original, makers had to be highly skilled. That’s why the Art Nouveau jewels are so meticulously made. Enamel work of that time is still considered as the all-time finest. It’s hard to overcome the enamel technique that was able to recreate a translucent effect of an insect wing or flower petal.

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