Asprey Bracelet 18k Gold Coral Bangle


18k Yellow Gold
60 grams
6" Inner circumference x 1/2”
Asprey London

A beautiful coral and 18k gold bangle bracelet by Asprey, featuring diamonds. The front section of the bracelet is designed as a stylized bow. The curved coral is twisted and “tied” with a gold “ribbon.” It’s encrusted with diamonds staged in three lines along the “ribbon.” The bangle gold part tastefully repeats the same twisted coral’s motif. This classic coral bracelet is feminine and elegant, and it will look amazing with your party dress.

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    About Asprey Brand

    For over two centuries, Asprey has stood as a premier British luxury lifestyle brand. Established in 1781 by English jeweler William Asprey, the company initially specialized in crafting dressing cases. Its reputation soared in 1859 when it acquired a company holding a royal warrant to supply dressing cases to Queen Victoria.
    Throughout the 20th century, Asprey significantly broadened its scope, securing additional royal appointments as goldsmiths, silversmiths, and jewelers. By the 1930s, the company had relocated to New Bond Street. Today, Asprey boasts locations in London, New York, and across the Middle East and Asia, catering to a distinguished clientele that includes English and Arabian royalty.
    Renowned for its bespoke creations, Asprey takes pride in its custom designs. Each piece is meticulously crafted by master jewelers using only the finest and rarest precious stones.
    The company’s heritage in horology dates back to the 19th century when its iconic Regulator clock graced the window of the London flagship store. In later years, Asprey collaborated closely with esteemed watch and clock makers, resulting in the creation of bespoke pieces customized and stamped with the Asprey hallmark, which remain highly coveted to this day.

    About Coral Jewelry

    Once considered as a plant, coral acquired the nickname “garden of the sea”. In fact, coral is a branch forming microscopic species called the coral polyp. It grows in the ocean and forms massive colonies.

    In different cultures wearing coral has different meanings. In Slavic countries coral beads were a part of the national costumes. The ancient Romans believed coral protected their kids from danger. Same in Italy, where in the beginning of 20th century coral jewelry was believed to be an anti-evil eye protection. Today coral is worn as a chic accessory with meaning and admired for its exceptional natural beauty. The silky texture and a variety of colors attract jewelry lovers all over the world. 

    The value of vintage coral jewelry appreciates over time. Some coral jewels have historical or cultural significance, making it more desirable to collectors. Coral is beloved by the movie stars due to its bright and vibrant colors. Once worn for the red-carpet event, coral jewelry comes back to fashion. As you can see here, among our coral pieces we have truly intricate ones. The skill and artistry involved in creating these pieces also add to their value.

    Coral value is also based on size, cut, color and polish. Generally, there is red coral, light and deep pink coral, and orange coral. Other colors such as brown, gold and even blue are more exotic. They are shown in conchiolin corals that grow not as branches but as concentric circles.  

    Mediterranean red coral is the most valuable due to its deep red color. It is harvested as deep as 200 meters in the sea. If you are looking for a classic Italian Cornicello color, then Mediterranean is your choice.
    Pink coral is dense and covers the whole spectrum of hues, from close-to-white, pale pink to salmon red. It is mostly found near Japan. Due to its glassy, hard texture, pink coral is great for engraving.

    Black coral is not truly black but rather very dark brown or nearly black. It is often polished to a high shine and can create striking, dramatic jewelry pieces.

    Blue coral, also known as “Heliopora,” is a rare type of coral with a blue to blue-green coloration. It is used less frequently in jewelry but can be quite unique.