David Webb Pair of Bracelets Gold Tiger’s Eye


David Webb
18k Yellow Gold
Tiger's Eye
142 grams
8 1/2" x 1/4”

A pair of classic David Webb bracelets, made of 18k gold, featuring carved tiger’s eye. The bracelets are the classic Webb’s hammered gold bangles. Three tiger’s eye carved beads are mounted in the circle. The gems’ beautiful glow is enhanced with the shimmering gold.
This pair of David Webb bangles carries a chic yet rustic vibe. It’s a great jewel to wear with jean pants and a white shirt.


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    About Tiger’s Eye Jewelry

    Tiger’s eye is a semi-precious stone from the chalcedony family. Hence the name, the gem has a chatoyancy effect: while cut as a cabochon and polished, it shows a vertical reflection of light. This fascinating shimmer is caused by aligned intergrown inclusions in the stone. 

    The color of the tiger’s eye varies from golden yellow to dark and even reddish brown. It’s famous for its amazing luster and warm, sunny appearance. Being a variety of macrocrystalline quartz. It begins its life as a mineral crocidolite. Over time quartz gets embedded between the crocidolite fibers. Eventually it takes all the space while the tissue shape remains the same. Due to iron oxide appearing during that replacement process, the color of the stone becomes golden brown.

    Being associated with the king of the jungle, the rock itself symbolizes inner strength and confidence. In Rome warriors wore tiger’s eye jewelry for protection during the fights. Today the tiger’s eye is considered as a protective stone. Ancient Egyptians believed that the band of light reflected by the gem was the rays of the sun god. That god was embodied by the tiger due to the striped look and color of the stone. According to the legend, the gem accumulated the power of the sun which provided strength and vital energy to a wearer. All these beliefs brought popularity to the tiger’s eye jewelry among Egyptian aristocrats. Archaeologists keep finding tiger’s eye pieces in the tombs of the pharaohs until nowadays.

    About David Webb Brand

    David Webb’s distinctive creations left an indelible mark on the jewelry industry. Webb’s career spanned from the 1940s until his passing in 1975. Throughout this time his designs challenged conventional ideas of jewelry. His style was embodied in bold and extravagant designs. 

    One of Webb’s iconic contributions to jewelry making was his developing of animal motifs. He captured the beauty of various creatures, from turtles and frogs to lions and tigers. These animal-inspired pieces not only showcased Webb’s extraordinary craftsmanship but also appealed to a wide range of clients. 

    Webb’s interest in jewelry design began at an early age. He moved to New York City in the 1940s to pursue his passion. In 1948, he founded his own company and quickly gained recognition for his flamboyant creations. 

    In 1963, Webb opened a flagship boutique on Madison Avenue in New York. The boutique became a showcase for his extraordinary designs and a meeting place for clients seeking bespoke pieces. The boutique’s interior, designed by Webb himself, reflected the opulence and creativity of his jewelry.

    Many of Webb’s designs have become highly sought after. Pieces like the Kingdom necklace and the Zebra bracelet are celebrated for their artistic value. The brand’s ability to create collectible pieces has contributed to its enduring allure. Over the years, the brand has been through ups and downs, and has adapted to changing trends while staying true to its identity.

    David Webb’s unique approach to jewelry design lastingly impacted the industry, inspiring countless designers to explore new artistic avenues. His legacy continues to influence contemporary designers to create pieces that are works of art.

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