Mario Buccellati Gold Coin Bracelet Carved Jade Bangle


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Mario Buccellati
18 karat Yellow Gold, 24 karat Gold
Jade Carved
92.0 grams
6 ½” x 1 1/8" (16.5 x 2.8 cm), fits up to 6 ¼” (15.5 cm) wrist
Mario Buccellati maker's mark, hallmark for 18 karat gold

A rare Mario Buccellati 18k gold coin bracelet, featuring carved jade and antique coins.

This sculptured bangle bracelet carries four collectable coins. All the coins are bezel set and mounted into beautiful, pierced frames. Two gold framed carved jade elements have gorgeous floral design.  

The bracelet’s gold texture has an effect of a fabric which is a unique gold finish of the maker.

The gold coins are:
1) An Austrian 8 Florins / 20 Francs coin,
depicting a head of emperor Franz Joseph I (c.1892)

2) A Swiss gold 20 Francs coin with an allegorical female figure as the national symbol of Switzerland (c.1935)

3) A gold French coin of 20 Francs, with a Napoleon III facing right portrait (c.1868)

4) An Italian 20 Lire gold coin, depicting a head of emperor Vittorio Emanuele II (c.1862)


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    About Buccellati Brand:

    Mario Buccellati (1891-1965) established the first brand’s store in Milan in 1919. The jeweler was titled “the Prince of Goldsmiths” by poet Gabriele D’Annunzio due to his extraordinary ability to turn gold and silver into luxury art objects. This ability through the years has been the core of Buccellati’s style. In 1966, Gianmaria Buccellati (1929-2015) with his brother, Luca, took over the family business after their father’s death. Today the House is led by third and fourth generation Buccellati, Honorary President and Creative Director Andrea Buccellati and his daughter, Lucrezia Buccellati Wildenstein.

    Buccellati design is highly recognizable due to multiple engraving and piercing techniques applied to the pieces. Texture of gold resembling the look of Venetian lace, linen and tulle created by handmade Italian techniques inherited through generations.

    The world of flora and fauna is a big source of inspiration for creating famous Buccellati brooches. Weightless Bucellati butterfly brooch, intricate flowers, or powerful birds — all those pieces are highly sought-after because of their creativity and impeccable quality.

    All the materials being used by the brand meet the quality standards of high-end jewelry making.

    Buccellati cuff bracelets exemplify the brand’s signature style. Many of those are made using the “rigato” technique. It requires cutting multiple parallel lines onto the metal surface allowing to create that unique engraved finish.

    Find Buccellati estate jewelry online here or stop by our store to see our Mario Buccellati selection in person.


    About Jade Jewelry:

    Jade jewelry has a rich history and a profound cultural meaning that spans centuries and continents.

    In Asian culture jade is considered more precious than diamond or gold. The gem’s deep-rooted history in China is dated back over 7,000 years. The Chinese referred to jade as “yu,” which means “royal gem.” It was highly prized by the imperial family and used to craft jewelry and ceremonial objects. Jade was considered a symbol of virtue, purity, and the Confucian values of wisdom and compassion.

    In ancient Mesoamerican civilizations such as the Maya and Aztec, jade played a significant role in religious and ceremonial contexts. Jade jewelry was worn by rulers and elite members of society, symbolizing power and divinity.

    Despite an aura of traditions surrounding the gemstone, in modern life jade received an interesting spin. In the 2020s it was worn by celebrities and went viral on social media. Today jade pieces not only reflect the cultural background. They are considered as energy purifiers and good spirit protectors. Jade is thought to be a symbol of luck and among crystal aficionados has the ability to be a money magnet.

    Whether you are wearing a jade ring or jade bracelet to increase your luck, attract wealth or simply for the sake of beauty, shop your  jade jewelry online at Nadine Krakov Collection.