Tiffany & Co. Angela Cummings Positive and Negative Pair of Bangle Bracelets


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    About Angela Cummings Brand

    Angela Cummings is one of the most prominent fine jewelry designers and women jewelry designers. Many of her famous designs were inspired by nature and by three-dimensional art of sculpture. Even though she grew up in the USA, Angela Cummings received her art and jewelry education in Europe. She studied painting in Italy and gemology and goldsmith in Germany.

    When she came back to the United States late in 1960s, she was right away hired by Tiffany & Co. and became Tiffany’s in-house designer. In 1974, she was the first woman who had a named collection, “Angela Cummings Exclusively for Tiffany & Co.” Soon after that Tiffany created named collections by Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso.

    In the 1970s and 1980s, Angela Cummings created her distinctive inlaid designs with semiprecious stones such as coral, jade, lapis lazuli, jasper and organic mother of pearl that she became famous for. Nowadays, these designs are highly sought after and very collectable.

    What made Angela Cummings’s designs recognizable are the sensuous gracefulness, deep inspiration by nature and natural forms and biomorphic use of precious metals.

    Angela Cummings retired in 2003. She moved to Utah to enjoy spending more time with her family.

    Angela Cummings jewelry features gemstone jewelry, diamond jewelry and precious metal jewelry including platinum jewelry and gold jewelry. Our estate jewelry collection comprises of vintage Angela Cummings bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

    About Jade Jewelry

    The significance of jade jewelry is deeply entrenched in Asian culture, where jade is often valued even more highly than diamonds or gold. Despite the traditional aura surrounding the stone, jade has taken on a new and intriguing role in modern life. In the 2020s it has been worn by celebrities and went viral on social media. 

    Today jade pieces not only reflect the cultural background. They are considered as energy purifiers and good spirit protectors. Jade is thought to be a symbol of luck and among crystal aficionados has an ability to be a money magnet.

    Weather you are wearing a jade ring or jade bracelet to increase your luck, attract wealth or simply for the sake of beauty, shop your jade jewelry online at Nadine Krakov Collection.