Vintage Pomellato Bracelet 18k Gold Garnet Diamond Estate Jewelry


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18 karat Yellow Gold, 18 karat White Gold
Garnet beads
Diamond round brilliant cut G-H/VS 1.20 carats total
87.5 grams
7 ¾” x 5/8” (20 x 1.5 cm)
Pomellato maker's mark, hallmark for 18 karat gold, Italian hallmark

A vintage Pomellato bracelet crafted in 18k gold, featuring garnet and diamond.
The bracelet consists of slightly twisted yellow gold links. Four links are adorned with white gold and diamond rondelles. Each of the remaining links features two donut-shaped garnets set opposite to each other. High-polished gold and silky-smooth garnets work together, conveying a feel of glossy elegance. This design creates an illusion of motion, making this Pomellato bracelet look like a whimsical 3D swirl.

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    About Pomellato Brand

    Pomellato jewelry has an unmistakable style that has been a part of the company’s success since 1967.

    Jewelry by Pomellato is hand made by the skilled goldsmiths in Milan. The company uses the colored stones selection that is not typical for classic jewelry. Rose quartz, London blue topaz, orange sapphire — all these stones, being cut to meet distinctive Pomellato look, have an edgy, modern appearance. Same with Pomellato diamond that can be brown, grey, even icy — but never dull or boring. The brand has been known to experiment with unconventional materials and techniques, pushing the boundaries of traditional jewelry design.

    A recognizable shape makes Pomellato jewelry even more outstanding. It always has flowing, sinuous lines and an organic appearance. The maker is determined to create joyful and sensual jewelry to reflect your personality. Pomellato rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets make a great purchase as they are as gorgeous as they are wearable and up to date.

    One of Pomellato’s notable innovations is the introduction of the “prêt-à-porter” concept to the world of fine jewelry. This concept brought a more accessible, wearable approach to luxury jewelry. It addresses a wider audience while maintaining the brand’s high standards of quality and design.


    About Garnet Jewelry

    Garnet, with its rich hues and timeless appeal, is a highly attractive and admired gemstone. Renowned for its deep red tones, the gem comes in a wide spectrum of colors, including orange, yellow, green, brown, purple, and even black. The specific color of a garnet is determined by its chemical composition. Different types of garnets contain varying proportions of elements such as aluminum, calcium, iron, and manganese. The presence of those elements contributes to the wide spectrum of colors. For instance, garnets with orange to yellow hues often contain manganese. Grossular garnets can range from green to yellow, and their color is influenced by presence of iron and chromium.

    Garnet’s durability and luster make it a perfect choice for various styles and designs. One of the other aspects of using garnet in jewelry is its symbolic meaning. Traditionally associated with love and passion, garnet is often chosen for engagement rings or romantic pieces. Its deep red color evokes warmth and intensity and allows one to express emotions through jewelry.
    Whether adorning necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets, garnet brings a timeless beauty that transcends trends. Its enduring charm and the ability to complement various metals make this gemstone a beloved choice for makers and wearers.

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