Vintage Snake Bracelet 18k Gold Enamel Jewelry Signed JR


An extraordinary vintage snake bracelet, made of 18k yellow gold and enamel, featuring diamond and emerald. The workmanship of the piece is outstanding. Each scale is hand-crafted. Being irregular in shape and size, the scales are placed on two different levels for the flexibility of the “skin”. This vintage bracelet feels fluid and soft while wearing.

Diamond on the top of the snake’s head and emerald accenting the snake’s eyes complete the look providing a sophisticated touch.

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    Snake jewelry has been around since ancient times. Snake is one of the most diverse mythological symbols. Depending on the culture, snake jewelry meaning varies from a symbol of rebirth and transformation to immortality, healing, and fertility.

    Serpent jewelry was extremely popular during Art Nouveau period.  Being a part of the nature, snake motif was just right for jewelry design of that time. Many of the diamond or colored gemstone eyed snake rings, wrapped around gold snake bracelets and Art Nouveau necklaces came from that era.

    For the next fifty years snake as an element for jewelry making was gradually losing its popularity. It started thriving again in 1960s, when such designers as Cartier , Bulgari and Boucheron started to implement the reptile shape in their collections. Those collections were approved by many celebrities and jewelry aficionados. Since then, snake jewelry has never gone out of style. Today wearing a snake piece means to wear something cool, powerful and edgy.

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