Bulgari Vintage Earrings Platinum Fancy Yellow Diamond


A pair of Bulgari vintage platinum earrings featuring fancy yellow diamond. A gorgeous combo of platinum and bezel set marquise cut fancy yellow diamond makes this pair of Bulgari earrings stand out. The latter features a yellow gold rim that enhances the diamond making it appear bigger.

The earrings are adorned with a row of baguette cut white diamond.

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    Always being inspired by the Roman culture and Italian sense of luxury,  Bulgari brand has been having an ability to fabulously celebrate those traditions since the year of 1884.

    During its long history, Bulgari jewelry has been always in demand. Bulgari pieces became iconic because of the unique production approach. Instead of following current design rules, Bulgari places its bets on all things Italian. Opulent shapes, bright colored stones and an unexpected mixture of materials create that special, always recognizable Bulgari vibe.

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