Vintage Fred Paris Necklace Earrings Set 18k Gold Diamond


A fascinating vintage set by Fred Paris, made of 18 karat gold encrusted with diamond.

The set consists of a necklace and a pair of clip-on earrings. The vintage Fred necklace comprises a flexible choker which is crafted out of tightly woven links. The choker’s ends are attached to the central element of the necklace which is designed as elongated gold leaves generously embellished with diamonds. The leaves are connected from inside with a tiny flower-shaped screw.

The vintage Fred earrings design repeats the necklace leafy motif. Their wavy lines are beautifully shaped by a convex center. These vintage Fred earrings are adorned with round full cut diamonds.

This sparkly Fred Paris diamond set is elegant and classy. Put it on for your opera night or a big dinner party, and you’ll steal the show.

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Fred, Paris
18 karat Yellow Gold
Diamond round brilliant cut G-H/VS, 9.50 carats total
Necklace 67.0 grams, Earrings 11.9 grams
Necklace 16" x 1/4" (40.5 x 1.3 cm), center diamond part 3" x 1-1/4" (8 x 3 cm), Earrings 1" x 1/2” x 5/8" (2.6 x 1.2 x 1.5 cm)
Fred Paris maker's marks, 18k gold hallmarks, French hallmarks for 18k gold

The earrings are clip-in, posts can be added

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    About Fred Paris Brand:

    Fred Paris is “joie de vivre” — or a keen enjoyment of life — in jewelry. Since being founded by a Parisian jeweler Fred Samuel in 1936, the Maison has remained loyal to the principles of joyful creativity and sparkling elegance.

    Argentinian roots along with his family’s colored stone business knowledge provided a great impulse to Fred’s creative mindset. He was a true expert in cultured pearls. Because of his contribution to the cause, a well-known pastel pink shade now known as “Fred-colored”. Later he discovered that colored diamonds and colorful jewelry became his signature style.

    Having another passion — sea sailing — resulted in making the first piece from the Maison’s biggest hit called Force 10 collection. It was a yachting rope looking gold bracelet designed by Henry, Fred’s son. This Force 10 bracelet with a diamond buckle has remained one of the most popular among all the House’ creations.

    Fred joyful jewelry is inspired by the sunlight, vibrant seaside lifestyle and pure pleasure of being alive. To embody this positivity and optimism, Maison’s jewelers take a meticulous approach based on their true virtuosity.


    About Vintage French Jewelry:

    Vintage French jewelry is highly valued by jewelry experts and enthusiasts.

    Since the late Renaissance, France has been established itself as one of the world trendsetters in art and fashion. A quick look at the top 5 French jewelry designers — Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermes, Chaumet, Chanel  — describes French level of greatness even better.

    What allowed France to reach such a high level in the jewelry world hierarchy? In a nutshell, it’s because of the apprenticeship system. In the beginning of 1950s in France anyone at the age 14 could start learning the craft. This way French jewelers, like no others in the world, gain a substantial portion of experience at the early age. Even non-designer jewels were produced by the highly skilled masters.

    Most modern jewelry is not handcrafted anymore, and mass market-oriented production is prevailing. Jewelry designs are streamlined to use as little hand labor as possible. That’s why today vintage French jewelry is in such high demand.

    Here is the most desirable French vintage jewelry  from Nadine Krakov Collection.

    You can also find a pair of designer earrings from Nadine Krakov Collection  here


    About Vintage Jewelry:

    Vintage jewelry is something we can talk about for days. Since the subject is that big and has multiple aspects to discuss, we’d like to focus on the most important parts of it. So, what is vintage jewelry? Why is it so appealing? And how to buy your vintage jewelry online?

    In the industry, different sellers and makers have different opinions on the time period when vintage jewels were made. Here at Nadine Krakov, we consider vintage as anything being made between 50 and 100 years ago. Therefore, all jewelry produced from 1930s to 1980s is called vintage. This time frame is comprised of  Art DecoRetro and Mid-Century.

    Why do we love vintage jewelry so much? It’s all about the quality of the make and – of course – the look.

    Vintage pieces were mostly made by hand or at least hand-finished while modern jewels are mainly cast. As the lifestyle back in the days was much slower, jewelry makers literally had more time in their hands. Skilled craftsmen honed their craft and reputation. They couldn’t allow a flimsy, poorly done piece to ruin that. Mass market jewelry didn’t exist at that time. Each little detail of a piece was executed thoughtfully and with high quality in mind.

    How to shop for your vintage jewelry online? Ask questions about maker’s marks and hallmarks, request a video of the piece, and show it to your jeweler. The easiest way to be confident with your purchase is to find a trustworthy, reputable seller. And if you happen to be in the Beverly Hills area, just google “vintage jewelry near me”, find Nadine Krakov Collection store and stop by for a good chat with a sip of champagne.

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