Bulgari Ancient Roman Coin Yellow Gold Cufflinks


18k gold, silver
18.3 grams
Diameter is 0.6"
Bulgari maker's mark, a hallmark for 18k gold and a serial number

A pair of vintage cufflinks by Bulgari, made of 18k yellow gold featuring ancient Roman coin.
The coins are silver, double bezel set. They are from 2nd century B.C., which make them 2,300 year old.
The cufflinks stamped with “Caria Kaunos 2nd century B.C.”, Bulgari maker’s mark, a hallmark for 18k gold and a serial number.
They come with original box.

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    About cufflinks

    Cufflinks were introduced in 17th century in England. Prior to that, shirt cuffs were held together by ties, ribbons and strings. Fashion changed, and stitched buttonholes were developed. To fasten the cuffs, tailors used ornamental buttons with an attached chain. These buttons became popular with the upper classes. Jewelers started to make gold and silver buttons with gemstones and other adornments. This is how cufflinks were invented.

    A mass production of cufflinks began in the 19th century. Following the Victorian era fashion standards, they design was opulent, with such embellishments as gemstones and extravagant details.

    Cufflinks popularity diminished a century after, due to a new design of the shirt cuffs. They came with attached buttons, and there was no need to use cufflinks. But later the French cuff made its way to the market, and cufflinks went back to fashion. Today, comparing to their predecessor they are rather practical and easy to wear.

    Gold cufflinks and gemstone cufflinks have been a symbol of wealth and reputation. It’s a popular gift for a groom or a graduated student. Women’s cufflinks are broadly worn as stylish accessories as well. The most popular jewelry designers keep making them today for different occasions and styles.

    Check on our selection of ladies’ cufflinks for sale online, or stop by our store in Beverly Hills to see them in person.

    About the brand

    ​Always being inspired by the Roman culture and Italian sense of luxury, Bulgari brand has been having an ability to fabulously celebrate those traditions since the year of 1884.

    ​During its long history, Bulgari jewelry has been always in demand. Bulgari pieces became iconic because of the unique production approach. Instead of following current design rules, Bulgari places its bets on all things Italian.

    Opulent shapes, bright colored stones and an unexpected mixture of materials creates that special, always recognizable Bulgari vibe.

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