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    About Bulgari Brand

    ​Always being inspired by the Roman culture and Italian sense of luxury, Bulgari brand has been having an ability to fabulously celebrate those traditions since the year of 1884.
    ​During its long history, Bulgari jewelry has been always in demand. Bulgari pieces became iconic because of the unique production approach. Instead of following current design rules, Bulgari places its bets on all things Italian.
    Opulent shapes, bright colored stones and an unexpected mixture of materials creates that special, always recognizable Bulgari vibe.
    Today the House added innovation to its core values list. Bvlgari collaborates with various contemporary artists, such as Refik Anadol,  Sougwen Chung, and Davide Quayola.
    Bulgari has expanded its offerings to include other luxury products such as fragrances, leather goods, and accessories, further establishing itself as a multifaceted luxury brand.
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    About heart-shaped jewelry

    The heart design is one of the widely using element in Bulgari jewelry making.  It reflects the brand’s ability to infuse romance and passion into a piece. Bulgari’s heart design is not only visually captivating but also emotionally resonant. Whether it’s a heart-shaped pendant or a pair of earrings, Bulgari’s heart-themed jewelry pieces are timeless expressions of affection and devotion.

    The heart shape holds a special place in the jewelry design as an enduring symbol of love, passion, and romance. The smooth curves of this iconic shape make it aesthetically pleasing, adding sophistication to any piece. These heart-shaped jewels are a symbol of love, embodying a sense of elegance. The motif expresses deep emotional connections between people, making it a popular choice for sentimental pieces. This shape is frequently found in items such as engagement rings, pendants, and earrings, where it symbolizes love and commitment.

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