Chaumet Amethyst Diamond 18k Gold Vintage Set Jewelry


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Chaumet, Paris
18 karat Yellow Gold
Amethyst - round beads (14 to 10 mm) & oval cabochon 15.13 x 13.57 x 8.94 mm
Diamond round brilliant cut G-H/VS 5.20 carats total
150.9 grams and 34.0 grams
Necklace 19 ½” x 1" (48 x 2.5 cm); Earrings 1-1/2" x 1-1/8" (3.5 x 2.8 cm)
Chaumet, Paris maker's mark and French hallmark for 18 karat gold

A spectacular vintage set by Chaumet, made of 18k gold, featuring amethyst and diamond. The set consists of a beaded necklace and a pair of earrings.
The necklace has an intricate design that includes textured gold elements, diamond rondelles, and graduated amethyst beads.
The earrings have similar textured gold rope elements that frame prong set cabochon amethysts. The space between the gem and the frame creates an airy feel. Along with the chunky gold, it provides a unique look to these Chaumet earrings.
This vintage set works great for a night out. Or you can wear earrings separately to dress up your business outfit.

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    About Chaumet Brand

    The history of Chaumet is a tale of craftsmanship and luxury that spans more than two centuries. Established in 1780 by Marie-Étienne Nitot, a Parisian jeweler, Chaumet quickly gained recognition for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs. Nitot became the official jeweler to Empress Josephine, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, solidifying the brand’s association with royalty.
    Throughout the 20th century, Chaumet continued to evolve, adapting its designs to the changing tastes of each era. The brand maintained its reputation for creating timeless pieces, with a focus on high-quality craftsmanship.
    Chaumet’s jewels are often inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Paris. Over the years, the brand has collaborated with numerous artists and designers. The House of Chaumet is particularly renowned for its tiaras, which have adorned the heads of brides and royalty throughout history.
    Today, Chaumet remains a symbol of timeless elegance and refined luxury. The brand’s flagship boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris continues to be a beacon of sophistication, and Chaumet remains one of the most prestigious jewelry houses in the world.
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    About Amethyst Jewelry

    Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. The gemstone develops its unique color by absorbing iron impurities and being exposed to radiation from the surrounding rocks as it forms crystals. Amethyst’s purple hue ranges from pale lilac to deep violet.
    The gemstone has been appreciated for centuries for its captivating color and symbolism. It has long been associated with spiritual and healing properties. In ancient times, amethyst was believed to ward off negative energies. This symbolic significance adds an extra layer of meaning to amethyst featuring pieces.
    Amethyst’s hardness and durability allow it to be cut into various shapes and sizes. Common cuts include oval, round, pear, and emerald cuts, each accentuating the stone’s natural brilliance. Cabochon cuts are also popular for amethyst, especially in vintage designs.


    Rope Motif in Jewelry Design

    The rope motif is a classic element in jewelry design which is as timeless as it’s versatile. From a rope chain to a ring with a rope knot, the jewels inspired by the decorative aspects of actual ropes are elegant and classy.

    The design is created by the twisting and braiding of metal or other materials to create a textured, intertwined pattern. Depending on the thickness and intricacy, it can satisfy both bold and subtle, tastes. The motif can be found in various cultural jewelry traditions, from Celtic knot-work to nautical-inspired pieces.

    The rope motif often symbolizes strength and unity. The intertwining of strands represents the coming together of different elements. Ropes are known for their durability which in jewelry may reflects the idea of resilience.
    Contemporary designers put a modern spin on the rope motif, experimenting with asymmetry, unconventional materials, and innovative techniques. This allows for the creation of avant-garde pieces that still carry the essence of the traditional rope design.

    The rope motif is an adaptable element that continues to captivate both designers and wearers. Its symbolism and versatility make it a compelling choice, whether used in traditional forms or re-imagined for contemporary styles.