David Webb 18k Gold Clip-On Earrings


David Webb
18K Yellow Gold
24.5 grams
1" x 7/8"
David Webb 18K

A pair of David Webb earrings, made of 18k gold with a clip-on closure.

The earrings are rectangular shape, crafted out of hammered gold. 

A convex surface of the earring is decorated with a chiseled swirling spiral motif. This design showcases the gold that is shining in the sunlight and shimmering during the night. 

These David Webb gold earrings were made by using a hammering technique. To create a textured finish of the metal, jewelers use an anvil and ball peen hammer. It’s an old techie rooted deep in the time of the Romans and Greeks.

This pair of the David Webb gold earrings is simple yet noticeable. It allows you to make a statement without being too loud. They are perfectly  suitable as for a formal as for an informal occasion.

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    About David Webb brand


    Bold, excessive, and uncompromising, David Webb jewelry pieces are always a statement. No matter if you are wearing David Webb earrings, ring or necklace — rest assured you have a conversational piece that inevitably grabs attention. 

    The designer drew his inspiration in ancient cultures and nature. As a result, the David Webb collection pieces are made using 18k gold, often featuring colored stones and bright, vibrant enamel. Among his personal influencers he mentioned Jeanne Toussaint, the creative director of Cartier. Webb put his own spin on Maison’s figurative pieces and Tutti Frutti style. All these elements put together enhanced with a great portion of glamour made David Webb jewelry appreciated by Hollywood stars and royal houses. Liz Talor, Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy could be seen wearing his pieces. Webb’s exotic animals, whimsical flowers and colorful pendants along with textured gold necklaces are largely popular worldwide until today.

    Always loyal to himself, David Webb created his powerful pieces with precision and knowledge. Weather he explored the ancient motifs or Art Deco forms, he went deep into the subject and reinvented it.  

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    About vintage jewelry

    Vintage jewelry is something we can talk about for days. Since the subject is that big and has multiple aspects to discuss, we’d like to focus on the most important parts of it. Let’s define what the vintage jewelry is, why it’s so appealing and how to buy your vintage jewelry online.

    In the industry, different sellers and makers have different opinions on the time period when vintage jewels were made. Here at Nadine Krakov, we consider vintage as anything being made between 50 and 100 years ago. Therefore, all jewelry produced from 1930 to 1980 called vintage. This time frame comprises of Art DecoRetro and Mid-Century styles.

    Why do we love vintage jewelry so much? It’s all about the quality of making and, of course, the aesthetic.

    Vintage pieces were mostly made by hand or at least hand-finished while modern jewels are mainly cast. As the lifestyle back in the days was much slower, jewelry makers literally had more time in their hands. Skilled craftsmen honed their craft and reputation. They couldn’t allow a flimsy, poorly done piece to ruin that. Mass market jewelry didn’t exist at that time. Each little detail of a piece was executed thoughtfully and with the high quality in mind.

    All the above is especially important when you are looking for a vintage engagement ring. If you want to find a special, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, look no further because we’ve got you covered. Either it’s a perfect diamond ring or a stunning colored gemstone ring, we have a great variety to choose from.

    How to shop your vintage jewelry online? Ask questions about maker’s marks and hallmarks, request a video of the piece and show it to your jeweler. The easiest way to be confident with your purchase is to find a trustworthy, reputable seller. And if you are happened to be in Beverly Hills area, just google “vintage jewelry near me,” find Nadine Krakov Collection store and stop by for a good chat with a sip of champagne.