Marina B Gold Onyx Steel Earrings


A pair of gold and onyx earrings by Marina B with a wave pattern.

Marina B
18k gold, stainless steel
40.7 grams
1/8" H x 3/4" W
Stamped with Marina B maker's mark, a hallmark for 18k gold, a country of production (Italy), a year of production (1987) and a serial number.
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    About Marina B Brand

    If we wanted to define Marina B jewelry in three words, we would say: “Fun, Sophisticated, and… More fun.”
    Candy-colored stones, glittery diamond settings and whimsical shapes — it’s the 1980s after all. But don’t be fooled by the playfulness of the look. The workmanship of Marina B collection is impeccable. The brand’s founder came from the famous Maison where she learned the best practice of jewelry making. It’s an Italian luxury in bloom made by the highest goldsmith standards.
    Marina Bulgari was born in Rome in 1930. She was part of the famous Bulgari family, renowned for their jewelry business. Her father, Giorgio Bulgari, was a key figure in the Bulgari jewelry empire.
    Marina B’s innovative approach to jewelry design made a lasting impact on the industry. Her designs, such as Collier, Egeo, and Boule, continue to be sough-after for the artistic and avant-garde look. Marina B was renowned for her use of unconventional gemstone cuts. She often employed fancy-shaped gemstones, including kite-shaped, trapezoidal, and freeform cuts.
    In 1993, the Marina B brand was acquired by TTF, a Swiss luxury group. Under new ownership, the brand continued to produce jewelry inspired by Marina B’s original vision.
    Marina B’s jewels are contemporary, edgy and bold. Find your own fun and sophisticated pieces by Marina B here .