Vintage Pomellato Coral Gold Earrings


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    About Pomellato brand

    The unmatched style of Pomellato jewelry has been a part of the company success since 1967. All jewels by Pomellato is hand-made in Milan. 

    The company uses the colored stones selection that is not typical for classic jewelry. Rose quarts, London blue topaz, orange sapphire — all of these stones have an edgy, modern look. Same with Pomellato diamond that can be brown, grey, even icy — but never dull or boring.

    A distinctive shape makes Pomellato jewelry even more outstanding. It always has flowing, sinuous lines and organic appearance. The maker is determined to create joyful and sensual jewelry to reflect your personality.

    Pomellato jewelry is always a great purchase as they are as much gorgeous as they are wearable and actual. Shop online or in person for your Pomellato Beverly Hills at Nadine Krakov Collection .

    About coral jewelry 

    Wearing coral has different meanings for different cultures. In Slavic countries coral beads were a part of the national costumes. The ancient Romans believed coral protected their kids from danger. Same in Italy, where in the beginning of 20th century coral jewelry was believed to be an anti-evil eye protection.

    Today coral is worn as a chic accessory with meaning and admired for its exceptional natural beauty. The silky coral texture and a variety of coral colors attract jewelry lovers all over the world.

    Once considered as a plant, coral acquired the nickname “garden of the sea”. In fact, coral is a brunch forming by microscopic species called the coral polyps. It grows in the ocean and forms massive colonies.

    Coral value is based on color, size, cut and polish. Generally, there is red coral, light and deep pink coral and orange coral. Other colors such as brown, gold and even blue and black are more exotic. They are shown in conchiolin corals that grow not as branches but as concentric circles.

    Mediterranean red coral is the most valuable due to its deep red color. It is harvested as deep as 200 meters in the Mediterranean Sea. Pink coral is dense and covers the whole spectrum of hues, from close-to-white, pale pink to salmon red. It is mostly found near Japan.

    Due to its glassy, hard texture, coral is loved by carvers and engravers.