Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Painted Denim


A Balenciaga Hourglass bag in painted denim, medium size.

Trapezoid silhouette, with exaggerated shoulders and hips underlined by a tiny waist is what Balenciaga clothing is known for. That shape was used as the main reference of the Hourglass bags arched bottom.

The rectangular body has the accordion type compartment that provides some extra space despite the curved shape. The flap is decorated with Balenciagas signature B hardware.

The bag was launched in 2019 in three sizes. Since then the variation of size and color was extended, so now we have an Hourglass card holder and an Hourglass bag in electric pink. This particular bag is made in always trendy denim with white splashes to add a rebel spirit to an iconic item.


Height: 5.5”

Length: 9”

Width: 4”

Handle drop: 4”

Shoulder drop: 21”


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    About the brand:

    Since the very first Balenciaga boutique opening in 1920s, the core of the brand values has been innovation. Thats why Balenciaga, being one of the oldest fashion brands, has been able to not only keep up with the modern agenda but became a hottest brand of the 2020s.

    Luxury fashion that is as Avant Garde as it is wearable is brands moto. Balenciaga bags and Balenciaga Speed Sock and Triple S sneakersimmediately became iconic among different age groups. Always eye-catching, the items by the Spanish fashion house are well-known for exquisite craftsmanship.

    Balenciaga collaborations are wildly divers. Think The Simpsons, Crocs, Hello Kitty, and even Gucci just to name a few. Every collab is a hit that produces thought-after items.

    The fashion house seems to be unstoppable in curating new trends. We cannot predict what will be its new overnight sensation, but we know you can your Balenciaga online at Nadine Krakov Collection.