David Webb Gold Coin Necklace Diamond Veinte Pesos


David Webb
Late 20th Century
18K Yellow Gold & Platinum
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
57.8 grams
Chain - 15" long; Pendant - diameter - 1"
David Webb, 18K, Plat

An 18k gold and platinum necklace by David Webb featuring a twenty pesos (Veinte Pesos) coin dated 1959. The coin is framed in gold and features two platinum and diamond loops, connecting the pendant to the chain. The latter matches the color of the coin’s gold, creating a unified piece. The chain is curb link with the oval elongated links. This Viente pesos necklace incapsulates a historic meaning and design. The reverse showcases an image of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a historical figure who is frequently called the “Father of Mexican Independence.” David Webb’s take on the coin added a luxurious touch and created a unique and meaningful jewel.

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    About David Webb Brand

    Bold, excessive, and uncompromising, David Webb jewelry pieces always make a statement. No matter if you are wearing Webb earrings, ring, or necklace — rest assured you have a conversational piece that inevitably grabs attention.

    The designer drew his inspiration in ancient history and nature. As a result, the David Webb collection pieces are made using 18 karat gold, often featuring massive colored stones and bright, vibrant enamel.

    Among his personal influencers Webb himself mentioned Jeanne Toussaint, the creative director of Cartier. Webb put his own spin on Maison’s figurative pieces and Tutti-Frutti style. All these elements put together enhanced with a great portion of glamour made David Webb jewelry appreciated by Hollywood stars and royal houses. Liz Taylor, Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy could be seen wearing his pieces. Webb’s exotic animals, whimsical flowers and colorful pendants along with textured gold necklaces are largely popular worldwide until today.

    Always loyal to himself, David Webb created his powerful pieces with precision and knowledge. Whether he explored the ancient motifs or Art Deco forms, he went deep into the subject and reinvented it.

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    About coins in jewelry design

    Aside from serving us as currency, symbols of power, and artifacts of cultural significance, coins carry an aesthetic value. In jewelry making, certain coins re particularly favored. Here is a list of the most popular of them:

    • Ancient Coins: Roman and Greek coins are popular for their antiquity and intricate designs, often depicting gods, emperors, and mythological scenes.
    • Gold Sovereigns: British gold sovereigns are sought after for their classic design and gold content, making them a luxurious addition to any piece of jewelry.
    • Mexican Pesos: The 20 Pesos gold coin, featuring the iconic image of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, is a favorite for its rich gold color and historical resonance.
    • American Eagles: The American Eagle gold and silver coins are prized for their patriotic symbolism and exceptional craftsmanship.

    In contemporary jewelry making, coins are being used to reflect both a respect for tradition and express the modern trends. Mixed metal designs, the use of coins in bohemian jewelry aligns with current fashion shifts that favor personalized accessories. By transforming coins into wearable art, jewelers create pieces that tell a story and resonate with the wearer. Whether as a symbol of cultural pride, or a fashionable statement, coin jewelry continues to captivate and inspire.