Rene Boivin Knot Vintage Necklace 18k Gold Retro Jewelry


A yellow gold choker necklace was among the new trends introduced by Rene Boivin brand in 1920s. The genre of the gold knotted jewelry that became a hallmark of Boivin was inspired by the decorative look of the furniture cords.

This rope design vintage knot necklace made of 18k gold accented with two rows of diamond on each end. The original double front knot seats nicely on a neck, making a great statement without adding any loud details.

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    The ability to keep its own style through the centuries is the staple of Rene Boivin jewelry. The company was founded in the late 19th century.  Over the time, Rene Boivin pieces has been adapting all the new trends and processed it via the original and special way of making jewelry.

    The most well-known Rene Boivin jewels were produced in 1930-1940, when the company was led by Jeanne Boivin, Rene’s widow. Her partners at that time were two extraordinary talented jewelry designers: Suzanne Belperron and Jeanne’s daughter, Germain Boivin. That perfect team made Rene Boivin designs that are still highly admired in the modern world.

    Being surrounded by Parisian artistic crowd, Jeanne Boivin projected the influence of that circle to her jewelry. The exotic visuals of Picasso and Gauguin could be seen in her Torque, Barbare or Tranche collections.

              Instead of following a common geometrical trend of the Art Deco movement in 1930s, the House of Boivin created naturalistic themed pieces — such as orchids, umbel clusters and fox gloves. In 1940s the designs offered more eloquent and larger size pieces featuring important colored gemstones or diamond as a center stone.

    In 1970s the brand was inherited by Jacques Bernard. Twenty years later it was bought by Asprey Co., and then later by the French jewelry firm. While the epochs and owners were passing, Boivin creativity and flawless craft remained the same until the house was closed in the end of 20th century.

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