Vintage Jean Dinh Van Lapis Lazuli Bead Gold Menottes Necklace


Jean Dinh Van
18k Gold
Lapis Lazuli
30.9 grams
Length: 17 7/8"
Dinh Van, French Essay Mark, Makers Mark

Vintage Jean Dinh Van Lapis Lazuli Bead Gold Menottes Necklace.
Menottes is French for handcuffs. The cold handcuff motif serves as the clasp. This beautiful Lapis Lazuli beaded necklace is 17 7/8″ in length and weighs 30.9 grams. The Lapis beads alternate with smaller gold beads.

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    About the Brand:

    Jean Dinh Van is a celebrated French jewelry designer known for his minimalist and contemporary designs that revolutionized the jewelry industry in the mid-20th century. Born in Paris in 1927 to Vietnamese parents, Jean Dinh Van was exposed to a blend of cultural influences that would later inspire his work.

    Dinh Van began his career in the world of fine jewelry by working at the prestigious House of Cartier, where he honed his skills as a master jeweler. During his decade-long tenure at Cartier, he was involved in creating intricate and luxurious pieces, but he felt constrained by the traditional and elaborate designs that dominated the jewelry world at the time.

    In 1965, seeking to break away from the conventions of traditional jewelry design, Dinh Van founded his own jewelry house, Dinh Van. He aimed to create pieces that were accessible, modern, and reflected the changing lifestyles of the 1960s. His designs were characterized by their simplicity, geometric shapes, and innovative use of materials. Dinh Van’s approach was to strip away unnecessary embellishments, focusing on clean lines and functional beauty.

    One of his most iconic creations is the “Menottes” collection, which features a clasp designed to resemble handcuffs. This design became a symbol of unity and connection, embodying both strength and elegance. Another notable design is the “Pi Chinois” collection, inspired by the Chinese pi disc, which combines traditional symbolism with a modern aesthetic.

    Dinh Van’s jewelry often utilized unconventional materials such as stainless steel and rubber alongside traditional precious metals and gemstones. This innovative use of materials and his minimalist design philosophy set his work apart from other jewelers of the time.

    Throughout his career, Jean Dinh Van collaborated with various artists and designers, further cementing his reputation as a forward-thinking and influential designer. His pieces were embraced by a new generation of jewelry enthusiasts who appreciated the modern, understated elegance of his work.

    Today, Dinh Van’s legacy continues through his eponymous brand, which remains a leading name in contemporary jewelry design. The brand continues to produce pieces that reflect his original vision of simplicity, functionality, and timeless style, appealing to those who seek refined and modern jewelry.

    Jean Dinh Van’s contributions to the world of jewelry have had a lasting impact, inspiring countless designers and reshaping the way people think about and wear jewelry. His work remains a testament to the power of innovative design and the enduring appeal of minimalist aesthetics.