Mellerio Retro Yellow and White 18k Gold Diamond Ruby Brooch


Mellerio dits Meller
18K Gold
Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
21 grams
1 1/4” x 1 3/8”
Mellerio dits Meller, C2796, French mark

A gorgeous retro brooch by Mellerio dits Meller, made of 18k yellow and white gold, features diamonds and rubies.
The brooch has a distinctive retro look, with a great geometry and diamond embellishments. A central, bow-like yellow gold trapezoid part of the open work design has a white gold ornament in the middle. It’s generously encrusted with the invisible set diamonds and a cabochon ruby. The edge of the trapezoid is decorated with graduated diamonds. The top part of the brooch also comprises white and yellow gold parts. Two bezel set cabochon rubies finalizing the design.
This Mellerio’s brooch is created with a great attention to details and precision. Each geometrical line was carefully measured to be placed in a harmonious ensemble.


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    About Mellerio Brand

    Mellerio jewerly brand was established in 1613 by Mellerio dits Meller. Being originally from Italy, the company has been known as French maker for over than 400 years. Through all this time each jewelry piece by Mellerio is created in-house. Every step, from design and stone selection to cut and craft is happening here. The House even has its own diamond cut called the Mellerio Cut.
    The brand has never been over-advertised, but among jewelry experts and high-end clientele Mellerio is famous for its exceptionally elegant design, creative mountings, and workmanship precision.
    Today the oldest jewelry brand launches its fresh, contemporary collections inspired by the Italian Renaissance style. It’s called “confidential luxury” when a timeless piece meets easy, daily wear.

    About Retro Jewelry

    Retro era in jewelry is dated to the 1930-40s. These ten years brought us a distinct look that has been highly admired through the years.

    ​During World War II the entire world was changing, and the jewelry world was under the influence as well. For instance, the bracelets were often designed by using the geometry of tank treads. In order to confront that brutality, in some of the pieces jewelers reinstated Victorian floral motifs in a romantic and even fragile way. That approach resulted in a vast variety of brooches. Butterflies, flowers, birds, and animals flooded the jewelry market during the retro era.

    ​Some of the materials — such as platinum — were hard to find and even forbidden to be sold. That’s why retro jewelry was often made of yellow, rose and even green gold alloys.

    Shortage of the gemstones forced jewelers to use semi-precious stones: citrine, aquamarine, amethyst. Pave technique allowed one to achieve a big look with little diamonds. Another sign of that time was enamel that was used to accentuate the stone or even replace it.

    About vintage brooches

    Since we started making our very first steps into the jewelry world, vintage brooches and pins have always been our favorite pieces.
    Wearing a brooch is a smart, unique way to express your personality and style. Pin it to your lapel, scarf, or a bag, and with just one brooch alone you can create the whole new fashion piece out of any garment or accessory. Some brooches could be worn as pendants, so you get two pieces in one. A brooch is an amazing jewel that is fun, elegant, and expressive at the same time.
    Choose and pin down your own fabulous version of a vintage brooch here.