Vintage Elizabeth Locke Brooch Pin 18k Gold Gem Estate Jewel


A beautiful Elizabeth Locke 18 karat gold Venetian glass brooch with citrine.

The vintage brooch is a cameo etched in Venetian glass. To make their gorgeous intaglio pieces, Elizabeth Locke’s brand uses 17th century glass molds. Usually, the glass is backed with a mother-of-pearl layer. It truly brings out the vibrancy of the colored glass. Six citrines beam out on the brooch’s perimeter.

This Elizabeth Locke pin carries a lot of character and drama. This special piece will add a great mixture of an old-time jewel with a contemporary feel to your style.


Elizabeth Locke
18 karat Yellow Gold
Citrine emerald cut, 6 - 3.50 carats total
Venetian Glass, Mother-of-Pearl
29.3 grams
2 ¼” x 1 ½” (5.5 x 3.8 cm)
Elizabeth Locke maker's mark, hallmark for 18k gold
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    About Elizabeth Locke Brand:

    As a life-long explorer of the Etruscan, Greek and Roman jewelry, Elizabeth Locke knew what style she was passionate about. She started to create her Neo-classical hand-made pieces in 1989. She thought it would be a sideline for her work as a writer. Soon she opened a store in Manhattan and later in Virginia. Today unique Elizabeth Locke jewels are sought-after by those who love her take on the ancient aesthetic.

    In her jewelry making Elizabeth selects each gemstone and designs every element by herself.  She travels around the globe to the European markets and antique shows. She focuses on intaglios, 19th century micromosaics and pietra dura. Elizabeth Locke jewelers bring her vision to life by using centuries old goldsmith techniques.

    One of Locke’s signatures is Venetian glass. All the pieces are handmade by using 17th century glass molds. Greek and Roman mythology inspire the intaglio etched images, which makes Elizabeth Locke’s jewels not only beautiful but also symbolic.


    About Citrine Jewelry:

    If you are looking for a cheerful, warm stone, then citrine is your best bet. The gem’s name can be tracked down to the French word “citron”, which translated to lemon. The name indicates the stone’s notable color.

    Citrine is a yellow to orange variety of quartz and shares its durability. Traces of iron are responsible for citrine’s color. Among all the yellow precious gems this one is the most popular.

    Quartz and its varieties have been used in jewelry making for thousands of years. Today we still can find natural, untreated citrine from the Victorian era. The gem’s popularity peaked during the Art Deco era in the early 20th century.

    Citrine tones range from lemon yellow to brownish shades of amber. The quality of the stone can be judged by a clear, radiant yellow-to-brownish color. Some citrines can provide orange flashes inside. Modern citrines are mostly treated to enhance the color. Naturally, citrines are on a pale yellow color range, sometimes with a smoky brown tone.


    About Vintage Brooches:

                Since we started taking our very first steps into the jewelry world, vintage brooches and pins have always been our favorite pieces. Wearing a brooch is a smart, unique way to express your personality and style. Pin it to your lapel, scarf, or a bag, and with just one brooch alone you can create the whole new fashion piece out of any garment or accessory. Some brooches could be worn as pendants, so you get two pieces in one. A brooch is an amazing jewel that is fun, elegant and expressive at the same time.

    Choose and pin down your own fabulous version of a Vintage brooch here.





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