A Set of Two Hammered Gold Rings 14k Diamond


14K Yellow Gold
22.1 grams
8.25 & 9

A set of two hammered gold rings made of 14k gold and feature diamonds. Skillfully crafted by using the hammered gold technique, this pair of rings make a great set of two artisanal pieces. The diamonds are bezel set and distributed on the surface in a zig-zag pattern. The hammered gold rings are designed as double rings and can be worn as an impressive stack or separately.



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    About the Hammered Gold Technique

    The hammered gold technique is a traditional method of shaping and texturing gold. A jeweler applies controlled strikes with a hammer, creating a unique and distinctive finish. This technique has been used for centuries to create a wide range of gold jewelry and decorative objects. 

    The process requires a sheet of gold placed on a solid, flat surface. The choice of hammer and the force applied during each strike are crucial to achieving the desired texture.

    The hammer used in the technique can be plain or textured. The latter is engraved or patterned, and they leave their imprint on the surface during each strike. This process imparts a distinctive texture, which can range from fine, delicate patterns to more pronounced, rustic textures.

    In addition to shaping and texturing, an important step in the technique is planishing. It involves using a flat-faced hammer to smooth out any irregularities and make the surface even. This step ensures the final piece is polished and free of any visible marks from the hammering process.

    About Estate Jewelry 

    Buying jewelry online can be challenging. The quality of the making has not got better over the time while the design is getting more and more generic. Add ever rising prices and you could end up with not finding anything suitable. To purchase a high-quality jewelry piece for an obtainable price consider buying estate items.

    • Quality vs Quantity

    Estate pieces mostly belong to the era when jewels were handmade and not mass produced. There were simply less jewelry makers at that time and they cared about their reputation. Opposed to the current fast fashion approach, life pace was in general slower. That allowed makers to take more time to craft a truly quality piece. 

    • Fair Price vs Overpriced

    Buying designer pieces aka signed pieces we pay not only for an item itself.  The brand advertising campaigns and all the buzz the name is creating is in the cost. Prices for estate jewelry form differently and mostly depend on the cost paid by a seller. A pre-owned Bulgari ring and a brand-new Bulgari piece have a distinct price difference. Ask your local jewelry store about the retail price of the desired piece and you’d be pleasantly surprised. 

    • True Value vs Seasonal Rush

    Pre-owned jewelry retains its value. Over the time it gets rare

    and more expensive. Think purchasing a new car that loses its value right after you left your dealer versus buying a vintage vehicle. 

    At Nadine Krakov Collection we love all things beauty and high-quality. Each of our estate jewelry pieces is in excellent condition. We preserve the history and the greatest styles of the past so our clients can enjoy it at the fullest.