Boucheron Buckle Ring Vintage 18k Gold


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    About Boucheron Brand

    From serving the Royal families all over the world in the 19th century to making the sought-after jewelry pieces nowadays, Boucheron house did it all. Today the brand keeps its leading position in luxury jewelry strong.

    A balanced mixture of traditions and creativity has been making Boucheron jewelry highly desirable throughout the time.

    One of the most recent pieces from Goutte de Ciel (Drop of Sky) collection, a white gold and diamond Goutte de Ciel necklace has an exquisite ice-blue pendant made of Aerogel.

    It’s a material that was previously only used by NASA. The idea behind the piece was to capture the purity of the sky and translate it into a jewelry piece.
    As to vintage Boucheron jewelry, it carries the influence of the French Classicism era. Being raised by the family of drapers, Frédéric Boucheron, the Maison’s founder, brought the pliancy of silk and laces into the goldsmith process.
    That concept is easy to see in the airy looking Boucheron Bombé ring or famous Boucheron bird brooches.

    At Nadine Krakov Collection we carry both modern and vintage Boucheron pieces that you can shop here.

    About Architectural Jewelry

    The intersection of architecture and jewelry design has resulted in the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces. Architectural elements in jewelry making draw inspiration from the structural principles and motifs found in urban landscapes.
    Incorporating elements like arches and columns from classical architecture, brings a timeless elegance to jewelry. For instance, columns can be echoed in the vertical arrangements of gemstones and metalwork. The use of negative space, a fundamental concept in architecture, is another intriguing element in jewelry design. Openwork and cutout patterns create voids that contribute to a sense of airiness.
    Modern and contemporary architecture, with its emphasis on sleek lines and geometric shapes, has also influenced jewelry design. Angular forms and minimalist structures find their way into avant-garde pieces.
    By applying architectural elements, jewelers express artistic visions and narratives. Whether recreating the greatness of historical buildings or embracing the sleek lines of contemporary structures, these designs embody the connection between two disciplines that create objects of beauty.