Chaumet Starry Ring 18k Gold Ruby


Chaumet, Paris
18k Yellow Gold
6.8 grams
Chaumet, Paris, 159065

A Chaumet vintage ring made of 18k gold with starry design. The ring is crafted as a domed band with seven stars chiseled in the middle. In the center of each star there are four-prong set cabochon rubies. The gems enhance the look with their vivid color. This Chaumet ring carries the magic of the cosmic style.
Starry design in jewelry making symbolizes the night sky. This motif often features celestial elements like stars, constellations, and sometimes even moons and planets. It conveys an idea of a connection to the universe. Jewelry with starry designs evoke a sense of mystery, allowing the wearer to carry a bit of the cosmos with them and receive a guiding influence. Through this design, jewelers created pieces that inspire the spirit and capture the wonder of the cosmos.

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    About Chaumet Brand

    Chaumet is a French jewelry and watchmaking brand with a rich history dating back to 1780. The company has a distinguished reputation for creating exquisite jewelry, timepieces, and accessories.

    As the first jeweler to arrive on the famous Place Vendôme in 1812, ever since Chaumet jewelry has remained a staple of the traditional Parisian style.  

    Chaumet pieces have long been a favorite with the French aristocrats. In the 19th century, Joséphine Bonaparte, the Empress of the French and the first wife of Emperor Napoleon, was one of the brand’s famous clients and appreciators. Fast forward two centuries, Chaumet style is based on exploration of all things nature. The brand itself calls it “naturalist jewelry”. The Maison’s designers use symbolism of plants, opulence of gardens, and delicacy of grass to permeate Chaumet creations with the energy of the wild nature.  

    In the modern world, the most popular Chaumet collections are the Liens, Bee My Love and Josephine. 

    In addition to jewelry, Chaumet produces luxury watches. Their timepieces combine Swiss watchmaking expertise with the brand’s design sensibility. Chaumet watches are known for their elegance and precision.

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    About French Jewelry 

    Vintage French jewelry is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and artistic excellence. French jewelers have a long history of mastering intricate techniques, such as filigree, enameling, and stone setting, resulting in pieces of top-notch quality and beauty.
    Timeless jewelry designs created in France transcend fashion trends. The use of classic motifs and harmonious proportions ensures that vintage French jewelry remains relevant across generations.
    In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, French jewelry was heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau movement. Between 1920s and 1930s, the Art Deco movement took over, influencing French jewelry with its geometric shapes, bold colors, and symmetrical designs.
    France is home to several prestigious jewelry houses that have made significant contributions to the world of vintage jewelry. Notable names include Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Boucheron, each with its unique style and heritage.
    Coco Chanel made a significant impact on the world of jewelry with her costume jewelry designs. Her use of faux pearls, glass, and other non-traditional materials revolutionized fashion jewelry.
    Whether you’re interested in the elegance of Art Deco or the organic forms of Art Nouveau, we have a wide range of vintage French jewelry styles to explore and appreciate.