David Webb Vintage Ring 18k Gold Yellow Sapphire Cocktail


A David Webb vintage ring, made of 18k gold, features yellow sapphire, diamond and enamel. A David Webb ring at its finest: a stunning, chunky piece that speaks confidence. This rectangular shape vintage ring is greatly built of 18 karat yellow gold shank with the platinum diamond settings. The diamonds are staged on the top and bottom, as well as accent the sapphire in front and on the sides of the ring. A contrast black enamel works great for the whole look making the yellow sapphire and diamonds pop. The sparkling yellow sapphire is held by eight thick prongs that underline its size and power.

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    Bold, excessive, and uncompromising, David Webb jewelry pieces are always a statement. No matter if you are wearing Webb earrings, ring or necklace — rest assured you have a conversational piece that inevitably grabs attention. The designer drew his inspiration in ancient history and nature. As a result, the David Webb collection pieces are made using 18 karat gold, often featuring massive colored stones and bright, vibrant enamel. Among his personal influencers Webb himself mentioned Jeanne Toussaint, the creative director of Cartier. Webb put his own spin on Maison’s figurative pieces and Tutti Frutti style. All these elements put together enhanced with a great portion of glamour made David Webb jewelry appreciated by Hollywood stars and royal houses. Liz Taylor, Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy could be seen wearing his pieces. Webb’s exotic animals, whimsical flowers and colorful pendants along with textured gold necklaces are largely popular worldwide until today. Always loyal to himself, David Webb created his powerful pieces with precision and knowledge. Whether he explored the ancient motifs or Art Deco forms, he went deep into the subject and reinvented it.