Gubelin Retro Gold Ring Buckle Design 18k Emerald Jewelry


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18 karat Yellow Gold, 18 karat White Gold
Emerald 0.35-carat
9.9 grams
Buckle ½” x ½” (1.3 x 1.3 cm) , Shank width ¼” (0.6 cm)
4.75-5; re-sizable
Hallmark for 18 karat gold, Gubelin maker's mark and country of manufacture

A Gübelin Retro 18k gold ring of a buckle design, featuring an emerald.

The ring beautifully wraps around a finger with a curved white gold buckle. The latter has a matte finish which creates an appealing combo with the polished yellow gold shank. The emerald adds a splash of color and turns the ring into a fun, playful piece.

This Retro gold ring by Gubelin is a small but mighty jewel that reflects your style and love for groovy vintage pieces.

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    About Buckle Symbolism in Jewelry

    Buckle design is a classic element in jewelry making. It’s dated as far as the early 1800’s. Perhaps the trend was started by Queen Victoria who was wearing her buckle ring as sign of the Order of the Garter membership. The symbol of the order featured a buckle belt. Also, buckles are designed to connect and fasten things together, making them symbolic of connection. In jewelry it can represent the bond between two people. For bracelets or rings it may be interpreted as a token of commitment or friendship.

    Belts are often associated with security due to their ability to hold items in place. In jewelry, it’s particularly reflected in designs like chokers where buckles serve both functional and decorative purposes. They can represent personal strength and self-assurance.

    In some cultures, buckles are seen as protective symbols. The idea is that a buckle can “lock” or “seal” something. In jewelry, buckles might be incorporated into designs to symbolize guarding against negative influences.

    The symbolism of buckles in jewelry design can vary based on individual preferences. It reflects the wearer’s intentions and the context in which it’s worn.


    About Gübelin Jewelry

    Six generations of the family-owned jewelry business and counting. Meet the House of Gübelin,  a Swiss jewelry and watch making company that has been in business since 1854.

    Moving through the changing landscapes of time, the Gübelin brand remains loyal to its fundamentals of making jewelry. It is based on the deep knowledge of gemstones and appreciation of the meaning of each jewelry piece from within. The company calls it Deeply Inspired Philosophy. You can clearly see a visual representation of this concept in the perfection of Gübelin jewelry.

    Being competent in gemstones is the first priority of the brand. Simultaneously with the first jewelry store opening in 1920s, The House sets up a gemological laboratory to test the stones. It allowed the maker to be sure of the authenticity and offer only the best gems to the clients. This lab operation expanded to the advanced gemological studies since then. Today Gübelin labs are established globally with the branches in New York and Hong Kong. Modern Gübelin business includes the Gübelin Gem Lab, the Gübelin Academy, and the Gübelin Jewelry brand.

    Vintage Gübelin jewelry is sought-after and in high demand. Keep an eye on our Gübelin collection as we add new pieces to it whenever we have a chance.

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