Paloma Picasso Ring Vintage Gold


Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co.
18K Yellow Gold
12.6 grams
Tiffany & Co., Paloma Picasso, Italy

A beautiful vintage Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. ring made of 18k gold.

The Tiffany Picasso flower hammered ring with a well-known  square-shaped design. It’s made of the hammered gold that provides an amazing texture. The stylized petals form a perfect square hugging a finger. Paloma Picasso is famous for her hammered gold pieces. The delicate facets make them glow and look sophisticated while remain minimal. Tiffany implemented this hammer flower design to a Paloma Picasso silver pieces as well.


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    About Paloma Picasso brand

    “Art was a language spoken around me all the time when I was growing up”. Being a child of two artists, Paloma Picasso fully expressed her creativity in jewelry making.

    Paloma Picasso’s talent was thriving in 1980s. She was just right on time with her direction and artistic energy. She came fresh from Paris to New York and started to work for Tiffany & Co. She immediately grasped the aesthetics of the New York street art. She used it as a visionary filter for her “Graffiti” collection in 1983. She also named museum visits and music concerts among her other inspiring things.

    Paloma Picasso jewelry is famous for her colored stone designs. Her favorite rocks were big cabochon cut: blue topaz, tourmaline, amethyst. She expresses her gemstone admiration in Paloma’s Sugar Stacks collection and the most recent Paloma’s Studio collection. She found the way to showcase a semiprecious stone as an important diamond: big and bold. Her approach to jewelry making was refreshing and is still ahead of time. 

    About Tiffany & Co. brand

    Tiffany & Co. is a symbol of refined taste and superlative quality all over the world. The brand has a reputation of a leader in luxury goods and diamond jewelry.

    Everything about this high-end jewelry maker, including Tiffany Blue color, is iconic. During the time Tiffany’s has collaborated with the best jewelry designers such as Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti, Angela Cummings, and Paloma Picasso.

    Tiffany & Co. engagement rings are unquestionably the most popular among diamond ring brands. What makes it to stand out? The answer is Tiffany diamond cut. Each diamond by the maker comes with excellent cut grades and is graded in house. The company controls every step of the grading process. Tiffany claims their standards as being higher than GIA standards. For a stone with borderline parameters, Tiffany’s experts will go down in grade in order it to be exactly as it described.