Pomellato Pin Up Ring Rose Gold, Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring, 18k


Blue Topaz
Ruby, Diamond
28.7 grams
1” x 3/4”
Pomellato, 750

A stunning Pomellato ring, made of rose gold features blue topaz, diamond and ruby. It’s a conversational piece that will stand out in any environment. The 30 cts oval faceted blue topaz is floating above a finger being skillfully set in the rose gold shank. 0.50 points of modern white and brown diamond and ruby embedded in the shank and staged on the sides of the topaz. It’s a perfect cocktail ring with the Pomellato’s signature flowing style embodied in a smooth, curvy shape.

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    About the brand:

    Pomellato jewelry and especially Pomellato rings have unmistakable style that have been a part of the company success since 1967. Jewelry by Pomellato is hand made by the skilled goldsmiths in Milan.

    The company uses the colored stones selection that is not typical for classic jewelry. Rose quarts, London blue topaz, orange sapphire all of these stones have an edgy, modern look. Same with Pomellato diamond that can be brown, grey, even icy but never dull or boring.

    A distinctive shape makes Pomellato jewelry even more outstanding. It always has flowing, sinuous lines and organic appearance. The maker is determined to create joyful and sensual jewelry to reflect your personality.

    Pomellato rings are making a great purchase as they are as much gorgeous as they are wearable and actual. Shop online or in person for your Pomellato Beverly Hills at  Nadine Krakov Collection


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