Vintage Cartier White Gold Ring


18k gold
Hawk's Eye
31.9 grams
3/4 x 3/4
Maker's mark, 18k gold hallmark

A vintage Cartier ring, made of 18k white gold and hawk’s eye.
It’s a great chunky ring with bold geometrical lines that are balanced by the smooth hawk’s eye stone.

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    About hawk’s eye jewelry

    Hawk’s eye stone sometimes called Blue Tiger’s Eye. Both gemstones come from one family and have a similar visual effect of chatoyancy. Foggy gray and dark blue colors swirling inside the stone, and the light reflected through it makes the stone glow.

    Hawk’s eye color varies from blue-gray to blue-green. Like a tiger’s eye, the gem is a variety of macrocrystalline quartz. It begins its life as a blue mineral crocidolite. Over time quartz gets embedded between the crocidolite fibers. Eventually it takes all the space while the tissued shape remains the same. Sometimes there is more iron oxide appearing during that replacement process. Then the color of the stone will be golden brown, which turns it into a tiger’s eye. Those tiny parallel inclusions cause chatoyancy, or flashes of light that are seen through the stone while on the sunlight.

    About Cartier brand

    Timeless Excellence is Cartier’s second name.

    The quality standards of the Cartier jewelry were set in 1902 by King George VII. After making 27 tiaras for the coronation, Cartier was announced as the crown’s official jewels seller. Since then, Cartier was proclaimed as “king of jewelry the jeweler of kings.” And this statement is still up to date.

    Comparing to other famous luxury jewelry brands, such as Van Cleef & Arpels or Tiffany & Co. who are working with precious stone a lot, Cartier is strictly focusing on diamonds and different color gold.

    Over the time Cartier created a great number of the truly iconic pieces. From a classic Cartier Love bracelet to famous Cartier Panther collection and Cartier Trinity, without mentioning a wide variety of Cartier watches — you name it. But our hearts belong to the vintage Cartier jewelry. We appreciate the uniqueness and craftsmanship of our estate pieces. Each of them has a timeless character and tells the most fascinating stories.

              The exquisite quality of the Cartier pieces is unquestionable. At the same time, the Cartier Maison continuously keeps creativity, innovative spirit and loyalty to traditions running on the highest level possible. Either you are purchasing a Cartier diamond ring or any other jewelry by Cartier, you are becoming an owner of a symbol of the Timeless Excellence.


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