Vintage Ring 18k Gold Emerald Diamond Estate Jewelry


A massive oval faceted emerald round brilliant cut diamond ring made of 18k yellow gold. It’s an impressive Mid-century piece that carries a lot of character.

Two rows of diamonds surrounding the emerald are set one above another. The four-prong setting of each diamond is circled with the braided gold frames. That creates a fluffy, almost foamy effect and makes the emerald look even bigger.


18 karat Yellow Gold
Emerald oval faceted 9.87-carat (15.26 x 13.02 x 8.70 mm)
Diamonds round brilliant cut H-I/VS, 2.10 carats total
13.7 grams
Top 1 1/8" x 1” x ½” (2.8 x 2.4 x 1.3 cm)
6.25; resizable
Hallmark for 18 karat gold
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    Emerald jewelry symbolizes trust, hope and love. Comparing to rubies that are mostly associated with passion, emeralds are the stones of faithful, mature feelings. That’s why emerald rings often serve as engagement rings. Because of its vivid, bright color emerald also represents the new beginnings of the spring. It’s believed to supply the wearer with vitality and clarity.

    The majority of the world’s emerald production takes place in Colombia. Colombian emeralds are known for the highest quality because of the lowest content of iron and fewer impurities. The second place in green gems industry is taken by Zambia.

    Shop with us  for emerald vintage engagement rings and other emerald jewels. We are here to help you find your size and color of your magnificent vintage emerald piece.