Vintage Solitaire Ring 18k Gold Diamond Band


18k Yellow Gold
0.6 cts Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
7.1 grams
Top Width - 7/16"

A vintage solitaire ring made of 18k gold, features diamond.
This great gold band of minimal design can be a perfect pinky ring.
The diamond is bezel set and flush mounted that makes it appear bigger. The ring has a distinct
vintage feel and is very wearable either solo or being accompanied by other rings.

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    Which finger should you wear your ring on?

    Wearing rings on different fingers has been associated with various meanings across different cultures. While these meanings can vary widely depending on a context and personal interpretations, here are some common associations.

    1. Thumb

    In general, thumb means strength and is used to express willpower. Rings worn on the thumb are often seen as a symbol of authority. In some cultures, it can represent wealth and status. A ring on the thumb may also symbolize independence and self-reliance.

    1. Index Finger 

    The index finger is associated with leadership and ambition. Rings worn on this finger can signify confidence and a desire for control. In some cultures, a ring on the index finger may also symbolize power and direction.

    1. Middle Finger

    The middle finger is typically the longest finger, making it a focal point for rings. While wearing a ring on this finger may not have specific traditional meanings, it can symbolize balance and stability. Some people choose to wear statement or cocktail rings on the middle finger to draw attention and make a bold statement.

    1. Ring Finger

    In most Western cultures, the ring finger also known as the “wedding finger,” is traditionally reserved for wedding bands and engagement rings. This finger has a symbolic significance associated with commitment and partnership. In some cultures, the ring finger is believed to have a vein directly connected to the heart, reinforcing the romantic symbolism of rings worn on this finger.

    1. Little Finger (pinky)

    Rings worn on the little finger are often associated with style, sophistication, and self-expression. Additionally, wearing a signet ring on the pinky has historically been a symbol of family heritage.

    It’s important to emphasize that these meanings are by any means not universal. Ultimately, the significance of wearing a ring on a particular finger is subjective and can hold different meanings for different people.

    About vintage jewelry

    Vintage jewelry is a broad topic with multiple aspects to discuss. We decided to answer a few basic questions to provide a broad introduction to this captivating subject. So, what defines vintage jewelry? Why is it so appealing? And how does one navigate the optimal way to buy vintage jewelry online?

    In the industry, different sellers and makers have different opinions regarding the specific timeframes characterizing the creation of vintage jewels. Here at Nadine Krakov, our definition places vintage within the bracket of anything produced between 50 and 100 years ago. Consequently, we label all jewelry crafted from 1930 to 1980 as vintage. 

    This time frame comprises Art DecoRetro and Mid-Century styles. Why do we love vintage jewelry so much? It’s all about the quality of making and, of course, the aesthetic.

    Vintage pieces were mostly made by hand or at least hand-finished while modern jewels are mainly cast. As the lifestyle back in the days was much slower, jewelry makers literally had more time in their hands. Skilled craftsmen honed their craft and reputation. They couldn’t allow a flimsy, poorly done piece to ruin that. Mass market jewelry didn’t exist at that time. Each little detail of a piece was executed thoughtfully and with the high quality in mind.

    All the above is especially important when you are looking for a vintage engagement ring. If you want to find a special, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, look no further because we’ve got you covered. Either it’s a perfect diamond ring or a stunning color gemstone ring, we have a great variety to choose from.

    How to shop your vintage jewelry online? Ask questions about the maker’s marks and hallmarks, request a video of the piece, and show it to your jeweler. The easiest way to be confident with your purchase is to find a trustworthy, reputable seller. And if you happen to be in the Beverly Hills area, just google “vintage jewelry near me”, find Nadine Krakov Collection store and stop by for a good chat with a sip of champagne.