Whimsical Artisan Ring Pearl Gemstones 18k Gold


18k Yellow Gold
Pearl, Lapis, Emerald
20.8 grams
7/8" x 7/8"

A unique whimsical artisan ring, featuring pearl and gemstones, made in 18k gold. The gemstones are lapis and emerald. The elongated peaces of pearl and the bar of lapis are prong set, parallel to each other. The whiteness of the pearl beautifully enhances a deep color of the lapis. One side of the ring features the profiles of two mythical creatures, with their hands being stretched towards each other. These figures are impressively detailed and crafted with a great talent. Another side pictures two running horses. The ring was made by using multiple techniques, which resulted in a quirky, one-of-a-kind piece.


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    About Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

    Lapis lazuli is easy to recognize because of a distinct combo of a deep blue color and gold flecks. This semi-precious gemstone has been in use since antiquity. It’s considered one of the oldest gems in history as it’s 6,500 years old. Being a base for ultramarine color, lapis had a crucial meaning for the Renaissance and Baroque artists. For instance, a famous bright blue scarf of Vermeer’s Girl with a pearl earring was painted by using ultramarine. Today an amazing color of lapis remains in favor among jewelry designers and their clients.
    Lapis contains such minerals as lazurite, pyrite and calcite. The sulfur content of lazurite provides the blue color. The gold specks come from pyrite inclusions. The color palette of the gem varies from deep purple and royal blue to turquoise and even greenish blue. Quality of the rock is measured by the content of blue lazurite along with golden color iron pyrites. The most common cuts for lapis are cabochon or beads. Inlays are widely used for lapis cufflinks and bracelets. Cartier’s and Webb’s greatest hits have been made of lapis within the history of the brands. 

    About Pearl Jewelry 

    Pearls have a special place in jewelry design. These organic gems have always been associated with a classy, refined style. Today wearing pearls means having a great taste and ability to see its beauty.  

    Saltwater pearl jewelry using pearls produced by a saltwater mollusk. It can produce one pearl at a time, while freshwater oysters are able to make up to 30 pearls at once. That fact plus a lustrous appearance along with a rounder shape make this type of pearls more expensive compared to freshwater. The most popular saltwater pearls are Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls. 

    Freshwater pearls are very durable as they have a thicker nacre compared to their saline living relatives. This type of pearl can be white, pink and even peach color. 

    From a formal event through a glamorous cocktail night to a day at work, pearls can be your jewels of choice every time you need to amp up your style.