Chopard Watch Gold Tiger’s Eye Vintage 18k Gold


Late 20th Century
18 karat Yellow Gold & Leather
Tiger’s Eye
25.8 grams
7" long x Diameter - 1"
Chopard Geneve

A rare Chopard watch made of 18k gold, features a tiger’s eye.
The case is round, with a snap-on case back and the lugs attached to the gold equestrian
elements. The no-numerals dial made of the tiger’s eye with a great chatoyancy. The Dauphine
hands are gold. The watch is equipped with a manual movement. The bracelet is leather, with a
crocodile pattern.
This Chopard watch has a minimal, slick design where each detail is refined and tasteful. It can
be worn as a chick bracelet, as well as a beautiful vintage watch.
We service all our watches before shipping it to a buyer and offer a one-year warranty.

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    About Chopard brand

    Chopard, established in 1860 as a watchmaking brand, is renowned not only for its high-end watches but also for its luxury jewelry pieces. The Swiss company is known for its meaningful heart-shaped designs, floating diamonds, and red-carpet fame, all central to Chopard’s authentic concept.
    At the heart of Chopard’s philosophy is the joy of life (joie de vivre) and the freedom of creativity. This philosophy led the Maison to create the first watch with free-moving diamonds between crystal glass in 1976, embodying their motto: “Diamonds are happier when they are free.” This innovative concept extends to their jewelry, with the Chopard Happy Diamond Heart necklace being an iconic, stylish, and highly desirable piece.
    Every Chopard creation is meticulously crafted at one of their three production sites, where the culture of craftsmanship and quality standards are exceptionally high. For example, Chopard only uses diamonds with fluorescence rated between “none” and “faint.”
    In recent years, Chopard has committed to strict sustainable and ethical jewelry production practices. The brand prioritizes responsibly sourcing diamonds and gold, aligning with its core values. Recently, Chopard pledged to use 100% ethical gold in all their jewelry, reinforcing their dedication to ethical craftsmanship. Here we are offering a few jewelry pieces and watches by the Maison.

    About tiger’s eye jewelry

    Tiger’s eye is a semi-precious stone from the chalcedony family. Hence the name, the gem has a chatoyancy effect: while cut as a cabochon and polished, it shows a vertical reflection of light. This fascinating shimmer is caused by aligned intergrown inclusions in the stone.

    The color of the tiger’s eye varies from golden yellow to dark and even reddish brown. It’s famous for its amazing luster and warm, sunny appearance. Being a variety of macrocrystalline quartz. It begins its life as a mineral crocidolite. Over time quartz gets embedded between the crocidolite fibers. Eventually it takes all the space while the tissue shape remains the same. Due to iron oxide appearing during that replacement process, the color of the stone becomes golden brown.

    Being associated with the king of the jungle, the rock itself symbolizes inner strength and confidence. In Rome warriors wore tiger’s eye jewelry for protection during the fights. Today the tiger’s eye is considered as a protective stone. Ancient Egyptians believed that the band of light reflected by the gem was the rays of the sun god. That god was embodied by the tiger due to the striped look and color of the stone. According to the legend, the gem accumulated the power of the sun which provided strength and vital energy to a wearer. All these beliefs brought popularity to the tiger’s eye jewelry among Egyptian aristocrats. Archaeologists keep finding tiger’s eye pieces in the tombs of the pharaohs until nowadays. Find your own tiger’s eye piece in our collection.