David Webb Carved Carnelian Gold Bracelet Vintage Jewelry


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David Webb
18 karat Yellow Gold
Carnelian carved
104.2 grams
7 ½” 1-1/8” x ½” (19 x 2.9 x 1.1 cm)
David Webb maker's mark, hallmark for 18 karat gold

An impressive vintage bracelet by David Webb, made of carnelian and 18k yellow gold.

The bracelet consists of carved carnelian links alternating with cross-shaped gold links. The squares are beautifully textured by using a carving technique. Glossy gold crosses are ribbed, which echoes the carving and adds a great geometric effect to the piece. The color of gold underlined the richness of the carnelian’s hue.

This chunky Webb bracelet was created for those who can appreciate the power of the oversized piece. The vintage Webb bracelet is made of 18 karat yellow gold, and carved carnelian.

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    About David Webb

    Bold, excessive, and uncompromising, David Webb’s jewelry pieces always make a statement. No matter if you are wearing Webb earrings, ring or necklace — rest assured you have a conversational piece that inevitably grabs attention.

    The designer drew his inspiration in ancient history and nature. As a result, the David Webb collection pieces are made using 18 karat gold, often featuring massive colored stones and bright, vibrant enamel. Among his personal influencers Webb himself mentioned Jeanne Toussaint, the creative director of Cartier. Webb put his own spin on Maison’s figurative pieces and Tutti-Frutti style. All these elements put together enhanced with a great portion of glamour made David Webb jewelry appreciated by Hollywood stars and royal houses. Liz Taylor, Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy could be seen wearing his pieces.

    Webb’s exotic animals, whimsical flowers and colorful pendants along with textured gold necklaces are largely popular worldwide until today. Always loyal to himself, David Webb created his powerful pieces with precision and knowledge. Whether he explored the ancient motifs or Art Deco forms, he went deep into the subject and reinvented it.

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    About Carnelian Gemstone

    Carnelian is a semi-precious quartz stone related to chalcedony variety. It’s famous for its orange color that can vary from a pale orange to an intense reddish-brown. The source of the sunset stone color is iron oxide. Carnelian transparency runs from totally translucent to semi-opaque.

    The word “carnelian” comes from a Latin word “carneush” meaning “fleshy”. It symbolizes bold energy and a vigorous spirit.

    Carnelian comes mostly in cabochons and beads. However, jewelry designers carve it into different shapes and forms. Quite often it’s carved into cameos and can be worn as pendants. Famous jewelry Houses, such as VCA and David Webb have implemented carnelian into their iconic collection.


    Architectural Jewelry

    The intersection of architecture and jewelry design has resulted in the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces. Architectural elements in jewelry making draw inspiration from the structural principles and motifs found in urban landscapes.

    Incorporating elements like arches and columns from classical architecture brings a timeless elegance to jewelry. For instance, columns can be echoed in the vertical arrangements of gemstones and metalwork. The use of negative space, a fundamental concept in architecture, is another intriguing element in jewelry design. Openwork and cutout patterns create voids that contribute to a sense of airiness.

    Modern and contemporary architecture, with its emphasis on sleek lines and geometric shapes, has also influenced jewelry design. Angular forms and minimalist structures find their way into avant-garde pieces.

    By applying architectural elements, jewelers express artistic visions and narratives. Whether recreating the greatness of historical buildings or embracing the sleek lines of contemporary structures, these designs embody the connection between two disciplines that create objects of beauty.

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